HTC’s slim One VX Smartphone Review

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Slim HTC One VX Smartphone Review

htc one sv smartphone

htc one sv smartphone

Design HTC One VX Smartphone

The HTC One VX definitely speaks identical style language because the company’s different current handsets. a la mode you’ll think about it as a cross between the HTC One X+ and older HTC One S. The smartphone is sculptured from similar rounded curves, with a well-recognized flat, oval form and minimalist aesthetic.

Unlike the One S, however, the One VX is crafted from light-weight plastic and not graven from one block of aluminium. The One VX is not wrought from premium polycarbonate just like the One X and One X+ square measure, either. that provides the phone a more cost-effective look and feel, although pretend silver accents round the screen edge and a clean white cowl on the rear lend the device some sophistication.

Measuring a nice 5.3 inches tall by 2.7 inches wide and simply zero.36 in. thick, the One VX is little enough to suit within the hand or slide into tight pockets. At 4.4 ounces, the phone will not weigh you down either, however has enough heft to feel substantial.

The HTC One VX sports a awfully svelte profile.

A basic assortment of controls surround the One VX’s massive four.5-inch (960×540-pixel-resolution) screen: 3 electrical phenomenon keys below the show, a skinny volume rocker on the proper, and an influence button and three.5mm electro-acoustic transducer jack on its prime edge.

Underneath the phone’s battery cowl square measure slots for SIM and microSD cards. The device’s one,810mAh battery, however, is embedded and not user-removable.

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

The battery is embedded however there’s Associate in Nursing Coyote State Card slot for additional storage.

HTC One VX smartphone Features Ice Cream Sandwich

The One VX runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, not Jelly Bean

Judging from specs alone, the HTC’s One VX definitely isn’t any flagship smartphone. for instance, the device’s android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS is not the most up-to-date version Google will muster, particularly the New android 4.2 (or 4.1) jelly bean. The handset’s code is additionally pushed on by a one.2GHz dual-core flower S4 processor, not a stylish quad-core chip. you furthermore may get 8GB of internal storage, abundant smaller than the thumping 64GB bundled with the One X+.

That said, the HTC One VX offers most of the new Android capabilities that have created Google devices thus in style. These embrace Gmail, Google+, and Navigation, beside the Play Store, wherever you have got a selection of over five hundred thousand titles to transfer. Google Play hawks digital content for purchase, too, together with books, movies, games, and music. For additional recreation choices, HTC’s Watch app additionally serves up TV shows and flicks to shop for or rent. for instance.

The HTC One VX smartphone runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, not Jelly Bean.

Besides the Amazon Kindle app, there is TuneIn for complimentary web radio, and SoundHound, which might tag music that is kidding you. And on the far side those, the One VX does not have abundant within the manner of helpful third-party code.

AT&T, however, fills the device with its typical host of bloatware, most of that you cannot take away. it’s a code scanner, FamilyMap for locating members of the family ($9.99 per month for 2 members of the family, $14.99 for up to five), AT&T Locker, that stores files within the cloud for an additional fee, AT&T Navigator, and Messages all tasks that Google’s free code will tackle.

Sitting on prime of Android is HTC’s Sense four computer program, that boasts HTC’s painting weather clock contrivance on the most home screen and robust ties to social-media networks. for instance, a disciple Stream contrivance pulls all updates across multiple social-media platforms to look at in one location.

Similarly, the individuals app can sift through your contacts list mechanically and counsel any doable links between corresponding Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. to boot, at intervals a friend’s contact details you’ll read any albums your friends have announce to Facebook and any recent updates like messages or incomprehensible  calls.

Beats audio is aboard the HTC One VX smartphone.

Just like on its different phones, HTC touts the One VX’s Beats audio process. It’s designed to activate a special equalizer profile to match specific Beats-branded headphones. like my previous expertise with Beats, I found that it beefed up bass too much, mumbaling the mid and high tones. I admit some tracks do sound higher when undergoing Beats process, particularly ones consisting largely of significant bass notes.

Camera HTC One VX smartphone
One of the foremost distinctive options of HTC’s smartphones is what the corporate calls ImageSense technology. during a shell, it means the One VX’s 5-megapixel camera is protected by an infatuated image processor for improved performance. Indeed, the phone’s camera snaps pictures virtually instantly, in well below a second. The term ImageSense is {additionally} a flag that HTC value-added additional icon treats like a good vary of scene modes that supply lots quite the typical camera phone choices.

You’ll find voluminous camera choices on the One VX.

Besides basics like face detection, automotive vehicle smile capture, andpanorama, the One VX has Associate in Nursing HDR (high dynamic range) mode. It makes use of the handset’s back-illuminated (BSI) device to bring shadow detail to areas that may somewhat be overexposed. This HDR setting will tend to color subjects during a spiritual blue brush and provides colours a cartoonish forged.

A continuous-shooting mode snaps pictures in bursts of up to four frames per second, nice for capturing fast-moving or uncooperative subjects like children and pets. The One VX can even record video in 1080p HD quality, and may additionally grab stills each whereas the camera is picture taking and once viewing movies later. you’ll capture all the action employing a slow-motion video record mode, then you can play it back at a fraction of its original speed. you furthermore may have a panorama mode that mixes pictures into one wide aspect.

Details are clear, clean and colors natural in still-life shots.

Even though the HTC One VX uses a comparatively low-resolution 5-megapixel device, overall i used to be affected with the standard of pictures the telephone set snapped. below fluorescent lighting — conditions that may cause lesser phone cameras to stumble — the phone took shots of an internal painting with correct color and sharp details.

Outdoors, colours were vivid even in weak daylight.

Outdoors in bright, although weak winter daylight, the greens and purples of close foliage were lifelike. A very nice 1080p video can be shot additionally were clear, however I did see some unregularity as I panned across town scenes full of moving traffic and look tourists.

HDR mode brought very clean detail to otherwise overexposed pictures.

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

Wide-angle scenes additionally looked smart.

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

Performance of HTC One VX smartphone

As it’s equipped with a modest one.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm flower processor and 1GB of RAM, I did not expect the HTC One VX to deliver outstanding app performance. The smartphone is responsive enough and managed to churn through menu screens and open apps with none delays. It dose not feel as blisteringly swift in my hands as HTC’s current ubergadget, the Droid polymer. In fact, in its handling the One VX was near the One X+ and older One X.

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

The artificial benchmark check confirmed my impressions, with the One VX’s Linpack score of 257.5 MFLOPs (multithread) being manner behind the Droid DNA’s score of 401.6 MFLOPs. The One VX’s five,291 score on the additional diagrammatically difficult Quadrant check was additionally abundant not up to the Droid polymer, at 8,165. apparently, the HTC One X+ managed a better score on identical check (7,355) however a lower Linpack shows a (168.7 MFLOPs multithread).

Over AT&T’s 4G LTE network in big apple, the HTC One VX clocked imposingly quick information output. I logged a median transfer speed of nineteen.9Mbps with uploads averaging twelve.7Mbps.

Data over AT&T’s 4G network was quick.

Voice quality is another one among this phone’s bright spots. On calls at intervals AT&T’s GSM coverage space in big apple, callers according clean and crystal-clear audio with no static or different distortions. They even went up to now on say they could not tell i used to be speaking from a cellular line. to boot, voices of callers on my finish sound even as smart through the electro-acoustic transducer and did not get distorted at most volume.

Audio through the telephone was virtually as pleasing, particularly if I flipped the telephone set over onto a table face down. Also, doing thus can cause the phone to kick into telephone mode mechanically, even as swing it up to your ear reactivates the electro-acoustic transducer. this is often terribly cool.

Battery life was pleasingly long additionally. The HTC One VX’s one,810mAh battery lasted a solid seven hours and thirty seven minutes on the CNET Labs video battery drain check, that involves taking part in Associate in Nursing HD video file incessantly till the phone shuts down. that is plenty longer than the HTC One X+’s run time of five hours and eleven minutes on identical benchmark.

Performance: HTC One VX
Average LTE transfer speeds    nineteen.9 Mbps
Average LTE transfer speed    twelve.7 Mbps
App transfer    three.80MB in half-dozen seconds
CNET mobile website load    seven seconds
CNET desktop website load    eight.2 seconds
Boot time    fifteen seconds
Camera boot time    one.3 seconds

Conclusion HTC One VX smartphone

I keep in mind once $50 would solely internet you simply Associate in Nursing embarrassingly slow and three-dimensional mobile device running superannuated code. My, have times modified — and therefore the $49.99 HTC One VX may be a excellent example of the shift in today’s telephone set market.

This device doesn’t give a full four cores of computing power or a bleeding-edge OS. What the One VX will supply, however, is what simply six months past was a premium android expertise, however at Associate in Nursing entry-level worth. Budget-phone seekers on AT&T ought to additionally look to the new $49.99 Pantech Discover, which, whereas larger than the One VX, additionally boasts an even bigger, sharpie HD screen, powerful stereo speakers, and a 12.6-megapixel camera. although if a slim and pocket-size phone is what you are when, the HTC One VX is implausibly onerous to pass up.

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

HTC One VX smartphone

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