iOS 6 jailbreak

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Waiting for the iOS 6 jailbreak , still no release date

iOS 6 jailbreak

iOS 6 jailbreak

Since iOS 6′s unleash in late-September 2012, an oversized cluster of members trying to tinker with the package on their iOS devices are thirstily awaiting a break. as luck would have it new details have emerged, revealing a break for each iOS 6 and iOS 6.1 ought to be free within the coming weeks.

A team of hackers named the musclenerd, pod2g, pimskeks, and planetbeing form a team called evad3rs, created by jailbreaking legends from each hacking team.They have also recently launched their new and official website for the project. The iOS 6.x break is dubbed evasi0n, following the Absinthe break for iOS 5.

iOS 6 jailbreak update

Considerable progress has been created, because the team seams to be over halfway done on the project. A tweet by a member of MuscleNerd on Super Bowl Sunday stated that the project is 60% completed while we’re wondering if the break will be free, however MuscleNerd’s tease could mean a non-public beta unleash for all we all know.

The evad3rs team has printed what you need in order to install the break: a laptop running Windows or  OS X (10.5 minimum), an iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 6.0 through 6.1, and a USB for connecting the device to the pc.

Users usually break their iOS device to get rid of restrictions and limitations placed in by Apple and to somewhat customize their phones. Tools like envasi0n and Absinthe create it easier to break the OS.

Will you be jailbreaking your iOS 6 device?

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