iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy Nexus Review

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Are you trying to alter your previous smartphone? If you’ve got been reading lots of technical school blogs then your selections should have solely enclosed Samsung’ Galaxy Nexus and Apple’s iPhone 4S. every of those phones is special on their title. they need their own distinctive options that appear to high the one from the opposite. This makes it onerous to settle on between them.

But that’s if you’re not into jumping to bandwagons. most of the people would get the iPhone 4S as a result of it’s cool to possess one. you’ll say this for many of Apple’s gadgets. allow us to be from stereotyping and compare the 2 phones the method that they must be compared.



The iPhone 4S runs on Apple’s terribly own A5 processor, constant one that’s on the iPad two. it’s clocked at one Gc and is supported by 512 MB. On the other hand the Galaxy Nexus is power-driven by TX Instruments’ OMAP processor that is clocked at one.2 GHz. It additionally doubles the RAM of the iPhone 4S. Higher numbers ar higher though the distinction is refined throughout actual performance.


The number of apps on the Apple App Store is larger than those within the humanoid Market. a major range of these apps are literally well worth the purchase that are some things you cannot say for Androids. this can be the largest advantage of the iPhone 4S over the Galaxy Nexus.

Operating System

The Galaxy Nexus is that the 1st phone to possess humanoid frozen dessert Sandwich as its OS. This latest version of humanoid offers lots of enhancements each in performance and aesthetics. The iPhone 4S has the iOS five for its OS. it’s less complicated to use than ICS however you cannot create the selection between the phones supported OS. each OS ar that smart.


The iPhone 4S comes with a 8MP camera whereas the Nexus contains a 5MPix camera. Taking pictures on the iPhone are of higher grade photos with a 1080p HD camera.


Connectivity choices have become a giant consider selecting a phone. With the iPhone 4S, you’ll connect with the net through 3G and Wi-Fi. it’s additionally the primary phone to come back out with Bluetooth four, the most recent version of the popular wireless technology. With Bluetooth four, you’ll transfer files quicker ANd in an extended vary.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Nexus will connect with the net victimisation 3G, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE. Through 4G LTE, you’ll expertise net speeds of up to twenty one Mbs. In distinction, the iPhone 4S will solely reach fourteen.4 Mbs. you will not have Bluetooth four with Galaxy Nexus however you’ve got close to Field Communication (NFC). often a replacement wireless technology wherever file transfers can be done simply by sound 2 NFC phones.


Have you determined that one is for you? The iPhone 4S has higher apps, camera and an easier interface. With the Nexus, you’ve got quicker net speeds, NFC, and frozen dessert Sandwich. verify our Galaxy Nexus vs. iPhone 4s review for a a lot of comprehensive comparison.

Olan Dantes could be a author for Tech-Vs-Tech, a diary that reviews all the most recent gadgets by incompatible them with each other. If you wish a a lot of thorough Galaxy Nexus vs. iPhone 4S comparison, verify the diary directly.

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