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Havıng iphone 5 problems? Have you been experiencing any iPhone five problems? be a part of United States as we tend to run through the foremost normally reported  problems with Apple’s flagship smartphone and check out to search out workarounds or solutions.

Apple oversubscribed five million iPhone five units within the 1st 3 days once unleash. Considering most of those consumers  saw, control or compete with Associate in Nursing iPhone five head to head, that’s a giant leap of religion. whereas we tend to haven’t seen any flubs the size of “Antennagate” this point around, there are many complaints regarding the new smartphone.

Let’s take a glance at the foremost common gripes individuals appear to own. whereas not essentially universal or maybe exceptional within the world of smartphones, these ar the iPhone five issues that individuals are whining regarding the foremost on-line and round the world. where attainable, we’ll additionally allow you to savvy you’ll work around these problems or fix them if you’re encountering them additionally.
Apple Maps

iphone 5 problems-Apple Maps

It’s no secret that Apple and Google aren’t any longer exchanging Christmas cards. The war Steve Jobs initiated on the robot platform is way from over. With iOS half dozen and therefore the new iPhone five, Apple stripped out the Google Maps app because the default and replaced it with its own Maps app. A flurry of stories within the days following unleash centered on mistakes and inaccuracies in Apple’s new navigation system.Apple Maps
The data is inaccurate for several places, the app is buggy, and plenty of core options of Google Maps that individuals had return to have confidence merely don’t exist in Apple’s Maps app. The fuss within the press got therefore unhealthy that Apple business executive Tim Cook truly apologized publically, and secure the app would improve over time.

Workaround around iphone 5 problems: There’s no thanks to fix the Maps app, and no telling however long it’ll take Apple to urge it right, however within the in the meantime you’ll invariably address another. Here’s a roundup of the most effective various map apps for iOS.  Google Maps app for iOS 6 is simply round the corner for a jiffy currently, however without delay the sole thanks to access it on your iPhone five is thru the browser: purpose it to maps.google.com.

Scratches on the body

Reports of the iPhone 5’s anodized Al casing obtaining damaged and scuffed terribly simply began to emerge quite quickly once the launch. variety of individuals found the coating was simply damaged off round the edges and broken on the rear panel, revealing the silver Al to a lower place. there have been additionally reports of iPhone five units being damaged right out of the box.

Apple’s promoting boss, Phil Schiller, responded to skilled older more matured more experienced more responsible more established seasoned knowledgeable versed capable competent skillful well-versed tried Associate in Nursingd true gone through had undergone passed through saw felt suffered an email from a whining client to mention, “Any product might scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. that’s traditional.

Workaround:forward your smartphone isn’t damaged on arrival then you ought to invest during a bumper or go on a spree for iPhone five cases. If it will get damaged you\’ll invariably polish off the coating to form a silver highlight round the edge or maybe optical maser engrave one thing on the rear.

iphone 5 problems-Purple glare on photos

Camera iphone 5 problems ? The camera on the iPhone five is meant to be the most effective however, however several users have reported  a wierd purple glare. The impact appears to rear its ugly head once there’s a powerful edge or out-of-scene source of illumination. the quality lens flare impact we’re all accustomed appears to own a purple hue once exploitation the iPhone five camera. In direct comparisons with alternative cameras, like that on the iPhone 4S, the distinction is pretty clear.

Workaround: Apple free a support document addressing this issue and recommends, “Move the camera slightly to vary the position at that the intense light-weight is getting into the lens, or shielding the lens together with your hand, ought to minimize or eliminate the impact.”
Light escape

reduce purple flare on smartphone

Light leakage

A few individuals reported  that light-weight was leaky out round the power connection on the white iPhone five. It’s not very noticeable unless you’re in low light-weight or dark surroundings, however it’s a flaw.

Solution: Show the offending  iPhone five at Associate in Nursing Apple store and they’ll replace it with a brand new one.

Rattling from inside

A number of individuals reported  a rattling noise coming back from within their new iPhone five once gently agitated. Apparently within the rush to fulfill demand some iPhone five units shipped with A battery that wasn’t properly set. This is a common iphone 5 problems .

Solution: Take your iPhone five to Associate in Nursing Apple store and they’ll fix the loose battery or provide you with a replacement.

Date and time bug

There are many threads within the Apple and Verizon forums a couple of bug with the date and time incorrectly change on the iPhone five. Some users reported  that the device was losing minutes, however others complained of it being hours out of synchronise and even dynamical the date by many days. the bulk of complaints concern Verizon customers, though there ar some complaints from Sprint customers additionally. many of us have recommended it’s associated with the LTE network, however neither Apple nor Verizon was keen to require responsibility.

Solution: you’ll attempt shift the update from automatic to manual in Settings > General > Date & Time. Some individuals have recommended shift off LTE or resetting the phone, however there’s no definite fix. If you expertise this downside then complain to your carrier. Some customers plagued by the matter have reported  it as if by magic vanishing therefore there’s an honest probability that Verizon is functioning on that behind the scenes. judgment by reports of comparable problems from individuals on Verizon with alternative phones it’s seemingly not Associate in Nursing Apple downside.

Screen flicker

Reports of Associate in Nursing intermittent screen flicker on the iPhone five have additionally been pretty common. This fault most often seems on the virtual keyboard within the App Store once users move to enter their word to get Associate in Nursing app. It turns up as aflicker lines across all-time low of the screen over the keyboard, however it’s comparatively minor.

Solution: look ahead to ensuing iOS update as a result of it’s sort of a software system fault and can seemingly be fastened once Apple rolls out a platform update. There’s not very something you’ll do regarding it within the in the meantime.

Unresponsive touchscreen

A few complaints have are available that the iPhone five bit screen is indiscriminately dropping touch input once a finger is dragged forwards and backwards diagonally across the show. Some individuals have even reported  a very unresponsive touchscreen or the screen going blank for many seconds. There have additionally been complaints regarding the touchscreen registering touches once the user hasn’t touched that a part of the show. whereas this doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue it’s clearly a fairly extreme downside. There may well be over one issue here, some tests counsel the short swipe failure is Associate in Nursing iOS issue, however the additional severe unresponsive or wrong registering touches issues ar seemingly to be hardware connected.

Solution to your iphone 5 problems : If your downside is severe then take your iPhone five to Associate in Nursing Apple store and show them the problem and you’ll get a replacement. you’ll attempt resetting or restoring your iPhone five, however this is often most likely a hardware downside and you shouldn’t have any bother obtaining a replacement. If you’re experiencing the short swipe downside then you will simply ought to look ahead to Associate in Nursing iOS update. this can resolve your iphone 5 problems .

Other problems

If you’ve encountered the other iPhone five issues otherwise you wish to volunteer some fixes then post a comment. With the severe issues we’ve recommended that you just visit Associate in Nursing Apple Store to urge them resolved. That’s as a result of this can invariably be the fastest thanks to notice a fix or get a replacement phone. If you\’re unable to urge to Associate in Nursing Apple Store then contact client support, however you’ll expect to be asked to run through troubleshooting steps so have alittle of wait time before they’ll ship you a replacement hope this post on iphone 5 problems has helped.

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