iPhone 6 soon to be realeased?

| November 24, 2013

Posting on small blog, Sina Tech, has claims that his friend ,once working at Apple’s Chinese components suppliers, has set his eyes on a brand new version of the standard-size iPhone, also known as the iPhone 5S.

According to the aforementioned insider, the iPhone 5S isn’t too totally different from the current-gen model concerning appearance. This tallies with different recent reports suggesting that enhancements that the next-generation handset is bringing are going to be ,the most part ,restricted to the phone’s internals.

iPhone 6 specifications

IPhone 6 soon to be realeased?

iPhone 6 soon to be released?

The iPhone 6, meanwhile, could be a totally different matter– Yao claims it packs a five-inch screen – and wider than the iPhone 5, however it’ s additionally slimmer.

Although that’s not a very precise description, it’s certain to increase the number of rumors that Apple’s 2013 product portfolio can embrace a tablet-smartphone hybrid aimed toward challenging the Samsung Note range.

Still, before you get too excited, we can’t jump to conclusions and set in stone what Yao claims, provided that it’s hard to verify what industrial credentials he has, if he has any.

iPhone 6 worth the wait?

Either way, given the Samsung Galaxy Note and Note 2’s vast sales, it looks possible that the demand for an Apple phablet would be large. And with a specification sheet that takes in a super HD camera, 128GB of storage and Near Field Communications, it’s not hard to understand why we would love the iPhone 6 .

IPhone 6 soon to be realeased?

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