Tips and tricks for the iOS 6

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iPhone tips and tricks for the iOS 6

iphone-tips-tricks-with-ios 6

Tips and tricks for the iOS 6

Have you bought the brand new iPhone 5, or have you upgraded your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to Apple iOS 6, the newest version of Apple’s operating system? We’ve compiled an inventory of dozens of tips for you to use with the new iOS. Some are new, some you are obvious, however we can promise you this: all will help you to get a lot more out of your phone.

Camera iPhone tips and tricks for the iOS 6

The iOS 6 camera app offers many new tricks (read our full iPhone 5 camera review), as well as panorama mode and new sharing choices. Here are some advices that will help you to take full advantage of these options.

Panorama mode tips and tricks for the iOS 6

Go into the Camera app, click on the options button at the top of the screen, and choose Panorama. And then select your panorama direction with the arrow shown on the screen – left to right or right to left.

You’ll have to hold the phone in portrait mode for it to work. By holding the phone in landscape you can make verticals panoramas.

AE/AF lock tips and tricks for the iOS 6

To change the exposure or the main focus of your shot, tap anywhere on the screen and it will focus instantly. To lock that exposure or focus (great for dramatic panoramas) press and hold on the screen till the square box “locks in”.


To help your image composition even more you can switch the Grid on and use the rule of thirds.


HDR or High Dynamic Range is an option that enables you to take shot and then have the iPhone attempt to balance the dark and lightweight areas on it. If you would like to check this in action, head to options and toggle HDR. iOS by default can save a HDR and non-HDR photo for you. To turn off that feature, head to Settings > Photos & Camera and scroll to the end to toggle that feature off.

Insert photos in your emails with the iOS 6

Go into the Mail app, tap on the compose new mail icon. Within the body of the message press and hold with your finger and look for the menu to seem that says “Select, Select All, Paste”, continue search until you find “Insert Photo or Video” and choose the image you would like.

Share a video to YouTube

Although Apple has removed the YouTube app, you’ll be able to still transfer videos on to YouTube. Head to Photos choose the video you would like, press the “Share” icon then click on YouTube.

Get YouTube back

Go to the App Store, search for YouTube, and download the official app from the app store.

Turn on shared photograph streams

One of the new options on the iOS 6 is the ability to share photograph Streams with others. To try this head to Settings > Photos & Camera. Then toggle the Shared photograph Streams option.

Share a photograph Stream

Go to the Photos app, press Edit, choose one or more pictures, press share within the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Once the pop-up menu appears click on Photo Streams.

Send 5 photos via email

Go to Photos, click on the Edit button at the top right of the screen, tap on the 5 pictures you would like to share, then press on the share button. Click on the Mail icon and then the pictures are going to be place in an email ready for you to send. Trying to select over 5 photos can disable the email option


The Mail app gets new tricks too like vip, Flagged emails and the ability to use your account Signatures. Here’s how these features will pop up on the iPhone.


Tips and tricks for the iOS 6

Refresh your inbox

In the iOS 5 you had to press an arrow button, now you just have to scroll from the top of the page as if the inbox was on a band.


If you get lots of emails and do not wish to miss any emails from certain people (your spouse or boss for example) you’ll be able to class them as VIP. To make somebody a VIP on your phone you simply choose an email from them and then click on their name on the Contacts card. At some point you’ll see in their contact info Add to VIP. If someone is already a VIP and you don’t want them to be anymore you just have to repeat the same process.

Mark as unread or Flag

To mark an email as unread in your Inbox press the Flag icon at the bottom of your screen. A pop-up menu will appear and you’ll be able to choose to mark an email as Unread or Flag.

See your VIP or Flagged inboxes

In the Inbox you can click on the Mailbox icon at the top left of the screen. It will show you all your emails including the VIP emails and the flagged ones.

Multiple email signatures

If you have more than one email account on your iPhone, iOS 6 can allow you to have completely different email signatures for multiple accounts.

To set up your signatures, head to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then scroll all the way down to Signature. Click on Signature then Per Account. You’ll be able to add separate signatures for any account you want.

Maps tips and tricks for the iOS 6

A new iOS, a brand new Maps app to find out and master. These tricks can help get you started.

iphone tips tricks with ios 6

Tips an tricks for the iOS 6

Change the volume for turn-by-turn directions

If you would like to change the default volume for turn-by-turn directions, enter Settings > Maps and you’ll be able to choose from No Volume, Low Volume, Normal Volume or Loud Volume if you’re in your soft-top convertible.

Miles or kilometers

If you use the metric system you now have the option from changing the measurements system from imperial to metric in the Maps app. To do this go to Settings > Maps, then choose the metric system.


If you want to view major cities in full 3D and all of its buildings, all you have to do is search for the town you want to look at, confirm you’re in satellite mode, then press the 3D icon within the bottom left corner of your screen.

See the planet

Open Apple Maps, confirm you’re in satellite mode, pinch to zoom out as so much as you can and now you have the entire planet within your hands.

How to get Google Maps back

You can’t right now, however you’ll be able to make a home screen icon to access the online version of Google Maps quickly. To do this just open your browser and enter the web address, then click OK once the Notification pop-up seems asking whether or not you’re happy with using your current location. Once the page finishes loading, click on the share icon within the center of the menu bar at the bottom and click on on the Add to Home Screen Icon. You’re done, now whenever you want to use Google Maps make sure your iPhone is connected to the internet and click on the icon.

Siri iPhone tips tricks for the iOS 6

Siri gets new tricks implemented in it that will make your life much easier. Here’s a screenshot of it displaying the score to a match.

iphone tips tricks with ios 6

Tips and tricks for the iOS 6

Launch apps with Siri

Click and hold the home button and just say “Launch Music”, or Safari, or Facebook and Siri can open up the app you’ve asked for.

UK soccer scores

Click and hold the home button and say “What was the score for West Ham” or whatever team you’re fond of. Siri can then search and show you the score of the latest match your team played in.

What’s playing at the cinema?

You can also ask Siri what movies you can watch at the cinema. Simply say “What’s on at Odeon Cinema Bracknell today” or whatever cinema you’re close to and it will show all the movie list and screen dates.

Facebook tips and tricks for the iOS 6

Facebook gets the Twitter treatment in iOS 6 allowing you to quickly share anything you want with your friends.

iphone tips tricks with ios 6

Tips and tricks for the iOS 6

Post to Facebook

The iPhone supports Facebook, allowing you to post updates from your phone quickly. To do this just drag down the top of the screen to show the notifications center, click on the Facebook icon with the words Tap to Post next to it.

Update all Contacts

To get the Facebook profile photos for your personal Contacts head to Settings > Facebook and tap on the Update All Contacts button.

Deactivate Facebook from calendar and also contacts

If the concept of filling your contacts and calendar with Facebook friends sounds really annoying don’t worry because you’ll be able to turn that feature off. Just head to Settings > Facebook and toggle off the settings you don’t want.

Tell your friends what you’re shopping for

Facebook is also working with iTunes and it allows you the possibility to show your friends what you like and downloaded from apps to music.


Sharing gets lots a lot of management in the new iOS 6. Here’s how the Privacy settings look on the new iOS.

iphone tips tricks with ios 6

Tips and tricks for the iOS 6

Enable a password to figure once iPhone is locked

The idea with the Passcode Lock, Apple’s new price ticket wallet hub, is that you simply use it to access movie tickets or boarding passes quickly. Here’s how it works, head to Settings > Passcode Lock.

Limit Ad trailing

With a lot of apps providing you ads, you’ll be able to put off how much the adds can trace you, however it’s buried deep within the iOS 6. to try and do this head to Settings > General > About > Advertising and then check the Limit Ad Trailing box.

Location Services

You are able to set what apps can or can’t see your current location. To do this head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and choose what apps you would like to trace you and and what apps you don’t.

Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Bluetooth Sharing , Photos, Twitter and Facebook

Some apps wish to have access to a lot of your private information. If you do not wish to share that information with some apps all you have to do is head to Settings > Privacy and you’ll be able to manage everything from there.


There are many new options in Safari that you can take advantage of, including offline reading, iCloud tab and the ability to transfer pictures to websites.

iphone tips tricks with ios 6

Tips and tricks for the iOS 6

Full-screen browsing

To view your favorite web site in full-screen mode just rotate your iPhone into the landscape position and tap on the 2 arrows that are on the bottom of the screen. to urge. To view the address bar just scroll to the top of the screen.

Offline reading

Safari on iOS 6 now support offline reading, handy if you would like to continue reading a website on the subway or on a plane or any other place that doesn’t have Wi-Fi access. To do this, while on the page you are trying to save for later, press the Share icon and the tap the Add to Reading List icon. To view the page offline just press the Bookmarks icon at the bottom of the screen and tap on the Reading List option.

iCloud tabs

If you have Safari on your PC then you’ll be able to catch up wherever you left off on your phone. In Safari, tap the Bookmarks icon go to the iCloud Tabs. It’ll reveal the tabs you had open on your PC even though your computer is off. If you have other devices with the iOS 6 that are connected to the same account it will show the tabs on those too.

Choose your home website

Safari in the iOS 6 uses as it’s home website Google but if you favor Bing instead then don’t worry, there’s an option to change that too. To do this head to Settings > Safari > Home Website and put your favorite search engine in there.

Word search

If you’re looking for a selected word on a webpage you’ll be able to seek for it in Safari. Go to Safari, and then tap what word you’re searching for, it will then highlight all the words on the webpage and give you a count of them.

Upload pictures

On the previous version of the iOS you couldn’t transfer pictures to a CMS or web site like Flickr from the iPhone, however you’ll be able to do that now. To do this head to the website that you want to transfer a picture to and tap on the Choose File option and then pick what photo you want to upload from your galleries.


Automatic updates

To make sure that you can get all the updates you want and reject those you don’t want tap the Automatic Updates icon and then you’ll be able to set it to appear on the lock screen too.

General tips for the iOS 6

It’s not just some specific apps that were upgraded, the new iOS comes with some bits and bobs that you can take full advantage of.


Tips and tricks for the iOS 6

A better alarm

Now you can choose whatever song you want for as an alarm rather than being forced to choose between a selection of sounds. Head to Clock > Alarm and edit the alarm that you wish to have

In the next panel press Sound then scroll up instead of down. Press Pick a Song and choose the one you like from your iTunes library.

Reply with a message

When you get a call in iOS 6, you’ll be able to reject it with a text message to avoid wasting your time going through different menus like in the previous version. Next time somebody calls press and slide up the Phone icon. To make in advance some replies you can go to Settings > Phone > Reply with Message and you’ll be able to prepare up to 3 responses next time someone calls you.

Remind yourself to call back

Tap Remind Me Later and you’ll be able to have your phone remind you in one hour, it’s as simple as that.

Do Not Disturb

Trying to work but you would like to not be disturbed during this time? Or maybe it’s an important meeting and you can’t afford being disturbed unless it’s something very important. Then you’ll going to love the Do Not Disturb option. To make it up and running head to Settings > Do Not Disturb. And if you want to change the default settings of this option just go to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb. Here you’ll be able to set a schedule (say, starting from 10pm) on whether or not you want to be bothered with calls.

Tap to travel to the top

If you would like to go directly to the top of a page in Safari, or the top of your Inbox, or Twitter list, or anyplace for that matter, just tap once on the clock on the top of the screen.

Lost iPhone

Prone to losing your phone? iOS 6 incorporates a lost phone mode that may be accessed via the an app on another device or using With this service you can make your phone ring to see where you lost it or you can see it’s location via GPS. If you’ve lost it for good you can lock it and erase all of your information on it so that it doesn’t land in the wrong hands.

Setting up completely different tones for various tasks

Settings > Sounds, and opt choose the different songs and vibration patterns you want for every service.

Vibrate on Ring

You can now have your iPhone Vibrate on Ring, Vibrate on Silent, just don’t vibrate at all. To do this go to Settings > Sounds and choose the choices you would like.

Share your tips

Do you have any tips for the iOS 6 that you wish to share? Please do so in the comment section below.

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