LG G3 looks good to go

| May 13, 2014

LG released the official teaser video for their new flagship device

Just two weeks ahead of the official launch event, LG started the teasing campaign for its newest top of the line smartphone, the G3, with a video that confirms all the design elements that were leaked over the past few weeks.

The video is clearly emphasizing the LG G3’s new brushed finish, which we first noticed in a leaked shot of a golden version of the model. However, nobody is still certain about the build material and the video doesn’t help either. It’s either aluminum or a very convincingly textured plastic. Either way it looks good.

The video is also showing off other design elements of the LG G3 like the camera lens and buttons on the back, the rear mounted speaker and the phone’s earpiece. You can also spot a brief shot of the moving camera lens, pointing out that the LG G3 will have optical image stabilization.

With a Quad HD screen, 3GB of RAM, solid camera and a fast processor it looks like the LG G3 has been worth the wait. When it lands next month, this device will go up against some strong competitors like Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and the new HTC One.

It’s already clear that the G3 will be very hard to beat in hardware and, if recent reports are accurate, LG is going to revamp the phones UI. Software design has always been one of LG’s weaknesses and we will have to wait and see if the new, flatter UI is a step in the right direction, but everything is looking good so far.

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