LG G3 release in Canada on August 1st

| July 6, 2014

The LG G3 will be available in Canada the next month


Since the LG G3 was released the device has been making its way across the planet and now it seems that Canada has the next turn. LG Canada has announced that the highly anticipated G3 will be available to the public on the 1st of August, meaning that the device will be available to the US not to far from now.

The LG G3 will be available to Canada on all the major carriers and retailers, a smart move by deciding not to stick to just one network. Rogers, Bell, MTS, SaskTel and Videotron are in the list of networks that will offer the high-end smartphone. In addition, customers will be able to get the device from Tbooth, The Source, Wireless Wave, Wireless Etc and Wow.

LG will be launching their flagship device across all possible markets, so be sure to check which countries will be launching the LG G3 next. All that we know is that the G3 will be arriving in the USA later this month. T-Mobile and Sprint have already confirmed that they will be carrying the device but Verizon and AT&T should be joining soon.

Everybody can enjoy the wonders that is the LG G3, but that comes with a high price, seriously. It won’t ever be an easy decision when it comes to buying any flagship device, every manufacturer provides something different in their phone that you can’t get from the other, except the design of course. So if the LG G3 is the right choice for you, then go ahead and buy it, it’s as powerful as any other device on the market.


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