Motorola’s smartphone isn’t that great by Google standards

| November 8, 2013

According to Google’s Patrick Pichette, Motorola’s current product pipeline is not “wow by Google standards”.

Motorola's Smartphone

Pichette, who as a business executive and senior vice-president is pretty high ranking at Google, gave the stunning remarks concerning the Google-owned company throughout the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference, first rumored by The Verge.

As previously mentioned on an organization earnings decision, Pichette said a part of the “wow” standard wasn’t being met by ,the Google owned, Motorola.

Motorola’s smartphone features

“Motorola features a nice set of product, however they don’t seem to be like ‘wow’ by Google standards. Dennis Woodside and his team have 18 months of pipeline that we’ve got to empty right away”

In recent months, Motorola has released the Droid RAZR Maxx HD and DROID RAZR M. While they are pretty solid smartphones, customers were expecting a lot of from the Google-owned company. We have yet to get our hands on one of these phones to confirm Google’s statement Rumors say that Motorola will release an “X” smartphone that includes a 5-inch screen just like the Motorola Razr M and be one of the first devices to run on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. But given Pichette’s comments, a smartphone like this could be just a pipe dream. Pichette’s 18-month projection would mean the pipeline will be cleared in November.


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