New Google+ update

| November 2, 2013

New Google+ updates and new tweaks

An updated notification interface is currently rolling on the new Google+ update that is available online or at the app store. First up, the notification bar is coming back to Google’s social network, and includes the ability to read or dismiss a notification. (Google recently declared something similar for Cloud messaging for Android at Google I/O.)

And the notification UI has been given a contemporary look too. A brand new bell icon makes it easier to see if there are any new notifications waiting, and notifications are sorted based on whether or not they have been browsed.

This update can be additionally used to roll out some new options and tweaks elsewhere in Google+. For example, it’s currently possible to delete photos directly from the “photos” read. Reshares are currently shown aboard comments and +1′s within the post read and also the left-hand menu has been redesigned to suit with the trend seen in different Google applications, just like Gmail.

The Google+ update is being released bit by bit both online and for Android. Please let as now in your comments if this update has proven to be useful or not.

New update for Google+

Google+ update with notifications and new tweaks

Google+ update with notifications and new tweaks

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