The New Nokia 808 Full Review of this great Smartphone

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Will this be the best Smartphone in 2013?

The New Nokia 808 Smartphone.

When Nokia declared the Nokia 808 it absolutely was, perhaps, the foremost exciting development in mobile smartphones for a few time. Perhaps, the foremost exciting development since the primary camera was connected to a itinerant.

Nokia 808 PureView White

Nokia 808 PureView White

The problem was, as several saw it, that Symbian is associate obsolete OS and this was simply another sign of however out of bit Nokia is with what the final public desires. however the interest within the camera has continued , and it extremely is one amongst the foremost exceptional advances in private smartphones. thus however will it all pile up, and crucially, is it well worth the large £500 selling price.

Design of the Nokia 808

You can’t miss the Nokia 808, it is a substantial little bit of kit. there is a decent-sized bulge at the rear that homes the camera gizmo however it truly appearance, and feels, terribly natural in your hand. The camera bulge provides the smartphone the way to rest on your hand, and it makes the screen tilt toward you once it’s on a table. It’s under no circumstances iPhone skinny, however it’s still a manageable smartphone.

What it’s not, is light. At 169g, you actually feel this smartphone in your hand once you are exploitation it. it isn’t a disaster although, and whereas it will become to a small degree of pain to carry up for long periods, it’s improbably well balanced and incorporates a solid and well-built feel.

On the highest of the smartphone, you will find a USB socket for charging and information transfer similarly as a earpiece socket and mini-HDMI output for displaying your photos and video on TV in HD.

On the proper of the smartphone there’s a volume rocker, that doubles as a zoom management once within the camera. there is a lock key, that you slump to unlock, this is often a very nice system, and is far less of pain than a key combination. and eventually, on all-time low, a great camera button.

On the front, there area unit hardware controls, an influence button – that, in Nokia vogue, permits you to access a phone menu to place the smartphone in offline mode – a tonality and, in retro vogue there is a inexperienced call button. Clicking this jumps in to the recent calls menu. Likewise, the facility button is additionally a hang upbutton. It’s old fashioned, however we actually adore it.

Flip off the rear cowl and you will realize a removable battery, and to a lower place it, a micro-SIM and a microSD socket. there is additionally NFC constitutional, and also the receiver is found within the removable back cowl.
Smartphone and Email and Google contacts on the Nokia 808

Email support on the Nokia 808 is on the complete excellent. You’d hope thus too: it absolutely was ne’er a strength back in Nokia N95 days, though there have been continuously choices for obtaining your Gmail or Exchange messages. Now, there is a stylish email app with access to just about each provider’s services with stripped-down configuration. we have a tendency to added  2 Gmail accounts and a Hotmail address with no issues in the least. Email is not given within the most lovely manner, however it’s purposeful and easy.

Another nice feature is that every email account generates a convenience on the house screens thus you’ll be able to see your most up-to-date mail. this may not charm to everybody, however it saves you doing it yourself and it’s truly quite helpful.

The one massive downside we have a tendency to noted – and also the one that separates this phone from associate iOS or android device – is contacts correct. The constitutional mail app does not have the choice to transfer contacts for Gmail, Hotmail et al. the sole thanks to get the phone to offer you access to your Google contacts is either to feature that account as associate Exchange mail server, or to line up a separate correct via the smartphone’s settings. this is not vastly complicated, and uses SyncML to work. the matter comes with accessing calendars, that once more, may be done through exchange, however not – a minimum of for Google – via SyncML.

This isn’t an enormous deal, and that we got our phone downloading our precious contacts in no time in the least. however this is often one amongst the items that individuals can argue makes the Nokia 808 less enticing as a smartphone.

Symbian Performance.

The last massive Nokia smartphone was in all probability the N95. you would possibly commit it to memory, it is the phone that did everything the present iPhone will, however in 2007. That phone ran Symbian S60, a wonderfully capable software system, however one that did not have the power to handle bit interfaces. Since then, Nokia has messed concerning attempting to create Symbian into a reputable touch-sensitive OS. Well, the great news is, with Belle, it’s succeeded. Sadly, this has all ensue even as Nokia has drop Symbian for Windows Phone.

Of course, Symbian continues to be troubled in some ways in which. App support is good enough, however several apps area unit paid-for and high-priced. They additionally lack associatey of the glamour or graphical art of an Android or iPhone app. for instance, we have a tendency to used TweetS60 as our Twitter consumer. it’s constant because it did in 2009, and whereas it’s purposeful, i’s a couple of million miles removed from being pretty or fashionable.

Other than that, things area unit smart with the OS. It’s awake to the electrical phenomenon bit screen. it is a very little restive, however dead usable. Flicking round the home screens is responsive enough too and also the menus all work well. this is often a good power phone, with 512MB of RAM and a one.3GHz processor. These specs are not prime finish however remember, Symbian has far more smart necessities than Android will, with its absurd quad-core processors and gigabytes of RAM.

Pretty much everything you would like is constitutional. there is a social app, which supplies you access to Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is usable;  Facebook bit is sluggish and annoying, such a lot like ALL Facebook apps then.

The web browser is purposeful, however not particularly joyous to use. it is a bit slower than the Android and iOS stock browsers, however on 3G you are unlikely ever to note. there’s additionally a CNN app, Shazam, QuickOffice, JoikuSpot – to create the smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot – and YouTube all pre-installed.

Also fantastic is that the constitutional FM radio, that has RDS and sounds cracking – with a good signal. there is even associate FM transmitter, to send your music from the phone to a close-by radio. simply program the phone with the frequency you would like to ship, and so tune up your radio. there is additionally a DLNA server,  permit you to send any video or photos and music to a DLNA receiver and a big screen.

Nokia Drive is additionally enclosed, that we’re to a small degree indifferent too – Google Maps Navigation trumps it – however it is a fantastic addition to associate already feature-packed smartphone.

The camera

There’s no denying it. The camera within the Nokia 808 is as as spectacular because the high megapixel count suggests. Of course, there are plenty of cameras on smartphones that claim to own five or 8-megapixel sensors, however manufacture pictures that do not rise up to the plug. this is not the case here, and also the Pureview camera is de facto unbelievable.

At the foremost basic level, there area unit 2 modes of operation for the camera. you’ll be able to take either 38-megapixel pictures – affirmative, the detector is 41-megapixel, however you are not given access to all of them – otherwise you will shoot an 8, 5 or 3-megapixel image. This mode is termed Pureview, and is de facto however Nokia sees the longer term of camera phones – so, it’s aforementioned that similar technical school can create its manner on to Windows Phone devices.

Nokia says that the 808 is de facto designed to require traditional resolution pictures at, say, 8-megapixels, however to offer you tons of advantages of the larger detector. So, for instance, you get a digital zoom that, in contrast to alternative digital zooms, is lossless. this implies that the camera will get you close up to action, not necessity for complicated lens arrangements that area unit, for the foremost half, impractical for a camera phone.

Of course, if you shoot full-resolution pictures you’ll be able to continuously crop them later to require advantage of that enormous image canvas. this is often primarily constant as shooting   in Pureview, though you will not have access to any of the technology that Nokia uses to downsample pictures. over doubtless, this may not be a haul.

You get a correct flash too. It’s xenon, thus it’s bright and can do a good job in dark conditions, similarly as operating well as a backup once you have robust backlighting. there’s additionally associate diode light-weight that is employed as a spotlight guide, video light-weight and even a torch – hold down the unlock slider, and it comes on to guide you within the dark. this is often really the simplest of all worlds, and that we have to be compelled to say we’re affected by however smart each the flash and diode light-weight area unit.

Shooting modes area unit pretty comprehensive. the alternatives area unit automatic, scenes and inventive. Scenes enable you to capture quick motion, close ups, portraits, night scenes and other people at nighttime and there area unit spotlight and snow modes too. In artistic, you have got full management over the complete factor. There area unit color modes for traditional, vivid, sepia and black & white. you’ll be able to capture pictures exploitation bracketing, interval and self-timer modes and you’ll be able to regulate saturation, distinction and sharpness manually too.

So, however do photos look. For the foremost half, they are completely sensible. For a begin, most of the pictures that initiate of the 808 seem like they’ve come back from a good compact camera. Sometimes, they have enough depth of field to convert North American country that they may are soft on associate SLR.

Detail actually is not a haul either, there is lots of it on 8-megapixel photos. If you check out a fullsize 38-megapixel shot, then you would possibly see some noise and slightly soft detail, however this is often at the terribly extreme finish, and typically solely in slightly low lighting. but you check out it, photos from this camera area unit merely beautiful.

Colour appeared somewhat too vivid occasionally, however shots area unit principally quite pleasing during this regard. a number of our close-up photos of flowers saw somewhat an excessive amount of color, and not enough detail. we have a tendency to additionally detected that these shots were additionally a little bit over-exposed. there’s some exposure correction, and there is associate ND filter too, which suggests you get a way to cut back the quantity of sunshine striking the detector, thus do not have to cut back ISO.

We tested a number of the automotive vehicle modes too. The high-speed shutter of the sports mode created okay results, however motion wasn’t utterly frozen in our check. The close-up mode could be a star of the show although. Shots area unit sensible and completely packed filled with detail. you’ll be able to use the full-sized capture mode here although, all photos area unit downsized to 8-megapixels. they are additionally wide facet.

Photos do generally initiate trying to a small degree as if they were shot on a camera phone although. this is often noticeable once photographing in to bright light-weight. In these cases, you will see a awfully washed-out picture, with light-weight injury across the image. whereas this is often not nice, it additionally does not happen all that always.

Video on the Nokia 808

You can record video at many sizes up to 1080p (360p and 720p). Frame rates go from 15fps all the high to 30fps. There area unit varied modes, from low-light to sports.

Video quality was truly excellent so. we have a tendency to thought the colors looked to a small degree muted, however there is associate choice to tweak the color mode, thus you may pump the color to a small degree if you were thus inclined. Motion was sleek too, that is that the most vital factor extremely. If we have a tendency to were to be vital, we’d say that there’s a small softness to video, a lot of thus than plenty of alternative premium mobiles we’ve used for video. it isn’t unpleasant although.

Focusing, it’s to be aforementioned, is sensible. We’ve used full blown camcorders that focus slower and hunt around a lot of. What we have a tendency to particularly like is that you just will bit the screen to urge the camera to focus. this implies that you just will pull from one factor in shot, to another, which supplies a awfully advanced feel to the camera. Again, most domestic camcorders do not provide this feature, thus it’s fabulous to envision it here, and it works well.

There was some focus looking, it appeared to North American country that the Nokia was somewhat too spirited in its response, which means that shots that were static generally went in and out of focus, however it did not appear to be an enormous downside. you’ll be able to switch constant AF off if you would like, however that looks to lock bit focus too, that could be a shame.

You can additionally zoom whereas recording video. Again, this is often digital, however the standard is sensible, assisted  by that over-sized detector. The motion of zooming in is de facto sleek too, thus you’ll be able to love whereas recording and it’s good! the quantity buttons on the smartphone management the zoom, and that we found it simple to try and do, with very little accidental camera movement, as you do not have to be compelled to press the buttons all that arduous.

There’s a digital device too, that adds some anti-shake creativeness to your video. owing to the massive detector, this could be fairly freed from image degradation. Our tests actually appear to appear plenty higher than alternative digital stabilisation we have seen. actually the phone wants this, as a result of it’s tiny and (reasonably) light-weight, thus shakes area unit simply transmitted to the recorded pictures.

It’s a smartphone!

With all the camera speak, it is so simple to forget that the 808 is additionally a fully-featured smartphone too. Crucially although, we have a tendency to created and received calls thereon, and completely precious it. this is not a smartphone you would like to carry to your head for long periods, as a result of it’s terribly serious so, however once you do, decision quality is great, with lots of volume. we have a tendency to struggled to a small degree to line the headphone up with our ear, however we have a tendency to might still hear well and calls were super-clear.

Text electronic messaging is a smaller amount stellar. The on-screen keyboard is okay. though the phone is slender, even our biggish fingers appeared able to hit the keys. prophetic  text is here, however it isn’t superb, and auto-correct looks to be missing in action. Android and iOS devices each manage this higher, to be honest, however it’s actually a usable system. it’ll actually suit World Health Organization|those that|people who} will sort while not creating orthography mistakes and who realize interference disagreeable.


The 808 comes with Ray M. Dolby Digtial and, that permits you to send Ray M. Dolby soundtracks in to a TV or Ab system from the phone. that is extremely cool, though principally not all that helpful. there is additionally Ray M. Dolby Mobile, that is meant to enhance the sound of music once you are on the go. we have a tendency to did not very like it, to be honest.

That said, the music player and also the audio quality area unit each incredibly smart. we have a tendency to listened on some mid-price headphones and also the music quality extremely blew North American country away. Bass is powerful, however ne’er at the expense of the middle and high frequencies. it’s

Rreally an excellent music player.

Plus, the music app is sweet. Album art is daring and takes centre stage. there is additionally a coverflow-style interface, that we do not extremely suppose adds a lot of, however it works tolerably.

The biggest downside we have a tendency to had was that each try of headphones we have a tendency to tried with associate in-line remote and mike did not work on the Nokia 808. we have a tendency to had to use associate adapter to create the smartphone settle for that there have been headphones blocked in. though most Android phones do not support the in-line mike – solely that stupid fruit phone extremely will – they still enable you to use the headphones for music playback. Non-inline headphones ought to be fine.


Despite a fairl low-resolution screen, the Nokia 808 appearance nice just about all of the time. it is a bright and improbably vivid show that, for the foremost half, has over enough detail. Indeed, we’re significantly astonished at however well it comes outdoors in bright light-weight. It’s spectacular stuff.

The only downside is that, with a camera that produces 38-megapixel pictures from a 41-megapixel detector, the low resolution of 360×640 means you will not ever be able to see the detail in pictures. this might create composition and focusing onerous. In observe, it is a non-problem, however it’s value noting anyway.

For most every day use, the screen is fabulous, and it’s solely extremely within the application program that we actually felt the distinct lack of resolution. But, even then, it’s manageable.

Smartphone Battery on the Nokia 808

Once charged, like Nokia phones of recent, you’ll be able to expect the battery within the 808 to last a handful of days. Use the camera and screen plenty, which may drop, however we’ve been terribly affected with however long it lasts on one charge. but then Symbian has continuously been to a small degree higher at this than other operative systems.

The battery, being removable, might even be increased by another, spare smartphone, must you want. Nokia might even do associate extended electrical converter, to bring the remainder of the rear case in line with the camera bulge.

Nokia 808 Verdict !!

There can little doubt be those who will tell you that Symbian is out-classed by Android and iOS. In terms of apps, and maybe the standard of the developer system, they’re in all probability correct. however the very fact is, the 808 involves you as a feature-complete phone, with some pretty extras and also the best camera ever fitted to a itinerant.

Almost everything concerning the 808 is simple, Arrives from Symbian this being a well established and solid software system. Sure, there area unit some irritations, just like the SMS system being to a small degree unwieldy, and there area unit still menus in Symbian that create fully no logical sense some.

The 808 was ne’er supposed to be associate iPhone or associate Android phone. it absolutely was a technology showcase for one thing that may begin showing all told manner of recent smartphone, and beyond, over consecutive few years. presumptuous Nokia will survive the present storm. Like all of the company’s hardware, it’s excellently made and sounds like it might last one hundred years Nokia 808.

Nokia 808 PureView White side view

Nokia 808 PureView White side view

Nokia 808 PureView White 1

Nokia 808 PureView White 1

Nokia 808 PureView side view

Nokia 808 PureView side view

Nokia 808 PureView case

Nokia 808 PureView case

Nokia 808 PureView photo2

Nokia 808 PureView photo2

Nokia 808 PureView photo zoom

Nokia 808 PureView photo zoom

Nokia 808 PureView photo1

Nokia 808 PureView photo1

Nokia 808 PureView photo

Nokia 808 PureView photo



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