New Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

| March 27, 2013

With the New Galaxy S4, Samsung needs it to be a part of your life. to it finish it’s created a large amount of recent accessories to increase the smartphone capabilities.  So in regards to this  a vast amount of Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessorie  have been show cased. check out a few below of what to expect in the next few weeks.

Samsung  Galaxy S4 Accessorie for your Health

One key growth space for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is thru its health accessories. With fitness technology a giant market, it’s clear why Samsung’s keen to maneuver into this area. Holding it all at once is that the S-Health 2.0 app, that is intended to observe and report on your body, rebuke all of the obtainable kit.

S BAND Samsung  Galaxy S4 Accessorie

The new Samsung  Galaxy S4 Accessories S Band fits onto your wrist and is intended to be worn at all times, watching your daily activity. it’ll record the total number of steps you have taken, calories burned and distance traveled, thus you’ll be able to establish how active you are and change your daily routine if you do not assume that you are obtaining enough exercise.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessorie S Band

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessorie S Band

S Band observing to worn all of the time, watching your body

It’s also active even while you are asleep, watching how much you progress throughout the night. this might be helpful if you don’t wake fresh, as you will be ready to tell however relaxing your night’s sleep extremely was. S Band is obtainable in four completely different colors (pink, blue, brown and black) and is waterproof to 10m, thus you’ll be able to wear it just about any where. United Kingdom valuation has not been declared.

Hart Rate Monitor Samsung  Galaxy S4 Accessorie

The HRM may be a hear rate monitor, that works with the nominee app. It checks your pulse in real time, thus you’ll be able to see at a look if your exercise regime is providing you with a correct exercise.HRM keeps track of your pulse, thus you’ll be able to establish if you are truly obtaining a radical work-out HRM may be a black band that straps on your chest. It connects to the Samsung Galaxy S4 thru Bluetooth. United Kingdom accessibility and value haven’t yet been declared.

Samsung Galaxy S4 HRM

Samsung Galaxy S4 HRM

Body Scale

With the recognition of sophisticated scales, like the Withings Body Scale, it’s no surprise that Samsung’s wanting to induce in on the act with its Body Scale. Keep the track of your weight thru your phone using these Bluetooth scales .This supports up to seven users via the S Health 2.0 app, keeping the track of your weight over time. whereas Withings’ scale uploads your information via Wi-Fi to the cloud, Samsung’s needs a Bluetooth association to the phone to store weight knowledge. To our mind that produces it quite an bit less versatile. Again, no United Kingdom value or accessibility has been declared.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessorie Body Scale

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessorie Body Scale

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessorie Charging and Battery

It’s not all regarding health and Samsung contains a vary of accessories to assist create|you create} the foremost of battery life and make the phone easier to charge. Here’s what is been declared.

Wireless Charging Pad/ Cover

One of the stunning things regarding the announcement was that wireless charging wasn’t designed into the phone. However, that may be mounted once the Wireless Charging Pad / Cover is unleashed.

This kit comes in 2 components. The official Samsung kit allows you to charge your phone wirelessly. The charging pad is, as you’d expect, a flat block that you just lay our phone on. to induce wireless charging, you’ve got to interchange the rear of the phone with the new cover. we do not have a United Kingdom value or launch date.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Pad / Cover

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Pad / Cover


Convenient charging is not any use if you are nowhere close to a power socket. For those things, Samsung has the additional Battery Kit. This ships with a spare battery housed during a carry case that doubles as A battery charger.

No power socket, no problem: carry a spare battery with you

As the Galaxy S4 contains a removable back and battery, it means that you’ll be able to carry around a charged battery with you and swap after you want it. United Kingdom valuation and accessibility haven’t been declared, though the similar kit for the Samsung Galaxy S3 presently prices around £25.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit

Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit

S view cover

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip cover was an excellent way to shield your phone’s screen, while not ruining the design of the phone. For the Samsung Galaxy S4, the corporate has gone one more with the S View Cover.

Peek-a-book: keep an eye on updates without the need to open the cover

This clips onto the facet of the phone, opening sort of a book once you ought to access the screen. However, it additionally contains a window in it, thus you’ll be able to see notifications on the phone while not having to reveal the screen. The standard Flip Covering will be offered for the Galaxy S4, additionally to a pouch and also the protecting Cover+, that wraps the phone during a rubber bumper to present it additional protection. UK valuation and accessibility of the cases hasn’t been declared however, though we’d expect the new Flip cowl to value an equivalent because the recent model (£30), with a premium for the S read cowl.

Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover

Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover

Different types of Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessorie

While most of the opposite accessories serve a sensible or helpful purpose, Samsung additionally declared some new fun accessories.


Mobile gaming’s huge, thus Samsung has declared the game Pad, that turns your phone into a conveyable games console. The phone holder slides out the highest of the Xbox-alike controller, property you slide your phone into it in landscape mode.

Who desires a touchscreen, after you will have a full-on game controller?

The Game Pad connects via Bluetooth, thus it’ll be compatible with any French telephone. Samsung states that the holder can take phones with screen sizes between 4in and 6.3in. No United Kingdom value has been declared however.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessorie Game Pad

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessorie Game Pad

Galaxy S4 smartphone Accessorie Headset

We’ve never been affected by manufacturer’s own-brand earphones, however Samsung’s hoping to prove United States wrong with its headset. These in-ear set contains 2 speakers in every earphone (woofer and tweeter), and an inline remote with volume controls and control button to answer and hang-up calls. A United Kingdom value has not been declared.

It’s the inevitable own-brand headset. We’ll save judgement till we’ve had probability to have a hear a pair

Samsung Galaxy S4 Headset

Samsung Galaxy S4 Headset

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