Pebble smartphone is a stone’s throw from reality

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Pebble smartphone really worth it?

Enthusiastic supporters of the Pebble Kickstarter project are sporting a really smart watch on their wrists. The Pebble Smartphone has reached the production stage, and the timing is just perfect. Wearable watch-phones have been around for years however it has been a separate branch in the market.

The Pebble smartphone is setting out to be a really good watch, company founder Eric Migicovsky proclaimed at CES on Wednesday. The device is a wrist watch that connects wireless with Android smartphones and the iPhone and it was a sensation once it was featured on Kickstarter early last year, raising over $10 million.

Is it really a sensible watch?

The Pebble smartphone watch is currently in production and can begin shipping later this month. At a producing rate of 15,000 per week, the watches can reach Kickstarter backers in six to eight weeks. Those who placed preorders are next on the list for delivery.

Migicovsky showed off the Pebble throughout his presentation, and as it was admired a lot throughout the Kickstarter campaign, it’s sleek and customizable. It’s a black-and-white e-paper screen, organized to a hundred 144 by 168 pixels that’s perfectly legible within the daylight.

A sports and fitness device with the Pebble smartphone

The Pebble smartphone watch includes a battery lifetime of seven days from one charge, is extremely lightweight, and might be worn while swimming. To create the device water-proof, the corporation developed an innovative technology that allows charging it with a USB cable that snaps in the watch, thus there are no holes to damage the internals.

The company is building sports apps for the Pebble smartphone on the belief that it’ll be successful with fitness enthusiasts. There will be apps for cyclists, runners and golfers. Pebble is functioning with Freecaddie to form a golf range finder app that may work on over 25,000 courses worldwide.

The Pebble smartphone will show email, incoming caller IDs, calendar alerts, tweets, Facebook messages and weather alerts. Push notifications are useful for a number of things, like alerting the user if he’s late or not for it’s plane.

Pebble Smartphone includes SDK that offers developers full management of the device.

Pebble Smartphone

Pebble mania or just a normal Pebble smartphone?

Although Pebble smartphone is flushed with early success, its semipermanent future not that sure. One thing in it’s favor is that wearable technology seems to be poised for takeoff. Google Glass are is blazing a path for this market. Also, there are rumors that Apple is developing its own watch.

Apple may perhaps have set the playing field for corporations like Pebble, said Rob Enderle of the Enderle team.

A market arose for iPod nano owners, though Apple killed it with its recent plans for the nano, he detected.

Athletes can strap the devices on their wrists once they were bike riding, doing cardio exercises, playing different sports or for the sake of having it more handy than in the pocket, Enderle told the E-Commerce Times.

For starters, this is an honest market that would grow to become a future massive factor, he said.

The Pebble smartphone hasn’t been entirely sleek. It’s originally secured components will start to fall, unsatisfying its eager customers.

Had I knowned the wait would be six months or how long it has been, I would’ve really considered buying something else but with better performance.

Still, the corporation has been really communicative about it’s flaws and is working hard on fixing them, Mnich acknowledged.

Although they have been backlogged, they’ve educated customers via video, stories, photos, etc., he said. The evolution of the Pebble smartphone will be a very interesting thing to watch.

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