The New PureGear aMAZEing iPhone case

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PureGear aMAZEing iPhone case will cure boredom when your iPhone can’t

There were lots of cool iPhone cases shown off at CES. Too several to hide really, however a number of gems stood out. aboard the alongside mad Smallworks iPhone Brickcase was PureGear aMAZEing iPhone case puzzle problem solver case.

PureGear aMAZEing iPhone case

PureGear aMAZEing iPhone case

PureGear aMAZEing iPhone case

Designed for the iPhone 5, these cases feature retro colors and clever maze styles embedded on the back. That mazes are probably to feature quite little bit of thickness to your phone, however that size is enough of a sacrifice for their amazing appearance.
The 3 completely different cases, all priced at 30usd, do things slightly different. One in pink and yellow is less of a maze and a lot of how to assist you create selections. that includes a written “Yes” or “No” on the bottom, the Undecided case guarantees the solution to all your queries.
The other 2 cases, Groovy and aMAZEing, are far more like straight-up kids’ puzzles, the same as those you may realize stuck on the front of a bingo comic.
They look nice and are a fun twist on the somewhat unexciting world of iPhone cases. Expect the cases to begin rolling out next month PureGear aMAZEing iPhone case.

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