Release date of Htc One 2 M8. Rumors and leaked pictures

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Release date of HTC One 2 M8, leaked pictures and rumors

The HTC One became a smashing hit, winning numerous awards and proving that Samsung and Apple aren’t untouchable. Now, HTC promises a new phone that would still provide the same high-end feel and innovations as its predecessor. The HTC One 2 M8 (its full codename) will be the next flagship smartphone from HTC to replace the One.

The release date of HTC One 2 M8 is still uncertain but it will surely be available by the end of Q1 2014. The smartphone will come out with Sense 6.0. According to evleaks, HTC is working on their new flagship device (the M8) and it will sport a brand new version of Sense, HTC’s skinned UI. It’s only logical that the new Sense 6.0 will be running on the next version of Android, 4.4 Kitkat.

release date of htc one

Release date of HTC One 2 M8 confirmed to be at the end of Q1

If you’re hoping for a new brand look you’re in for a disappointment, all the rumors point to the fact that it will look similar to its predecessor. It’s no surprise that the alleged leaked images of the M8 as well as cases made for the smartphone show that the company will stay true to the original One in terms of looks. The device may come in four color options and it will feature onscreen buttons instead of capacitive keys, but overall it will look strikingly similar to the HTC One.

One more picture helping us estimate the release date of htc one 2

Rumored specs

Even though the only thing certain is the release date of HTC One 2 and how it will look, the validity of the rumors regarding specs still remains uncertain. According to evleaks, the HTC M8 will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with a 5-inch display and 2GB of RAM. It will, most certainly and unsurprisingly, come with Android 4.4 Kitkat and the new Sense UI.

Its rear camera is rumored to be an Ultra Pixel while the front one will have 2.1 MP.

The leaked photos released by Unwired View seem to show the blue edition of the M8 and that the most notable feature of the device is the wraparound metal body.

Yet another image that helps us estimate the release date of htc one 2

Something different

One distinct feature of the M8 is the fingerprint scanner. The leaked pictures show a circular space above the camera, some say it could be a second camera giving the smartphone the ability to take 3D pictures but others say that the second hole will be for a fingerprint scanner. The latest images seem to confirm the fact that it will sport a scanner.

Even though Apple nailed this technology with its Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 5S people were not impressed with the scanner that HTC included in the One Max. Hopefully HTC learned a lesson from this. The HTC One Max offered a lot of features with its fingerprint scanner that the iPhone 5s didn’t but they needed to perfect the hardware itself and to properly integrate it into the smartphone in a more natural and convenient way.

An image that helps us estimate the release date of htc one 2

Our conclusion about the rumors of the release date of HTC One 2, specs and other details

With all these leaked pictures and rumors from reliable sources it’s hard to ignore the truth. I’m sure that most of you were disappointed to find out that there will be no change in the phone’s design. The release date of HTC One is no surprise, everybody is expecting new devices by the end of Q1 this year and its specs seem standard. The only promised innovation is the improved fingerprint detector. It’s as though HTC is copying Samsung, the Galasy S3 and S4 look very similar but there is a difference in specs. Let’s hope this won’t be the case.


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