Samsung and Apple to include wireless charging

| November 15, 2013

Samsung and Apple to include wireless charging

Smartphone leaders Apple and Samsung can feature wireless charging capabilities in their next-generation smartphone models this year, in line with a report from Digitimes.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 that is set to be launched on 14 March is claimed to feature wireless charging capabilities. However, it is not sure that the feature will be present within the device itself or if it requires you to buy a separate back plate and a wireless charger.

Samsung and Apple to include wireless charging

Samsung has claimed to use the same charging technology that Google has used in it’s Nexus 4.

Apple on the opposite hand is claimed to be developing its own wireless charging technology internally, instead of asking for different corporations to chip in. The next-generation iPhone is tipped to feature wireless charging, however just like the Galaxy S4, it still remains unclear if it’ll be connected or through another device.

Digitimes, who features a hit-or-miss record, sheds light on the 2013 smartphone field.

Apples’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller talked about wireless charging to AllThingsD in late 2012. Regarding wireless charging, Schiller notes that the wireless charging systems will be blocked into the walls, thus reducing their degree of convenience. The widely-adopted USB wire, meanwhile, will charge in wall shops, computers and even on commercial air lines, he said.

Samsung and Apple to include wireless charging

We’ll be observant to check what moves Samsung makes first, because it will announce the Galaxy S4 at a media event on the fourteenth of March. Our sources have tipped the us that the phone will feature a 5-inch AMOLED screen and an 8-core processor.

Apple is claimed to debut its next-generation iPhone this summer. 9to5mac says Apple will come with minor upgrades and will avoid wireless charging this year.

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