Samsung Galaxy S III detailed review

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Samsung Galaxy S III New Features and Review.

Samsung Galaxy S III is prepping the of a large 6.3-inch OLED screen that will be present in the next generation Galaxy Note line, pushing new boundaries.
If you thought the Samsung Galaxy Note II was a giant phone, wait till you see the Note III. Samsung’s parts suppliers say next year’s Note can boast an enormous 6.3-inch screen. This begs the question, where is that fine line that separates a phone from a tablet?

The Samsung Galaxy S III, that is out there for most major carriers within the U.S., has a 5.5-inch screen. The Super AMOLED sreen is 1280 pixels by 720 pixels. It’s one among the most effective displays that you can get on a smartphone these days. The initial Note’s screen measures f5.3 inches diagonally, however had a distinct ratio and a distinct resolution with 1280 pixels by 800 pixels.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Choson Times, that first rumored the story, did not have data on the ratio of the new 6.3-inch screen nor a resolution. With competitors like HTC delivering 1080p HD displays to its leading merchandise, it’s not a stretch to assume the Samsung Galaxy S III can have a full HD 1080p screen.

According to some fast science, such a screen would be 5.5 inches long and 3.1 inches wide. Just for comparisons sake, the whole iPhone 5′s body measures 4.88 inches by a pair of.3 inches. That is a giant, big screen. The element density would be roughly 350 pixels per inch, propelling it in the Retina territory

Samsung has not confirmed its plans to supply such a device, however it would not be a surprise if it did. The corporation has devices within the market that are even bigger in size.

The Galaxy Note III is not the solely leading-edge device that Samsung is getting ready for 2013. The Choson Times believes Samsung can use February’s Mobile World Congress event to debut the Galaxy S4, the successor to the Galaxy S III smartphone.

The Galaxy S series of devices has been Samsung’s trademark for the last 2 years, with tens of thousands of units sold worldwide it’s the company’s top-of-the-line device. The GSIII, can be obtained within the U.S. since last month, knocked the Apple iPhone 4S hottest phone title throughout the third quarter. The GSIII encompasses a somewhat smaller screen (4.7 inches) in comparison to the Note II, however they appear similar due to Samsung’s familial style.

The Choson Times estimate that a Feb debut for the GS4 is questionable. Samsung launched the initial Galaxy S at MWC in 2010 and followed it with the Galaxy S II . The Galaxy S III skipped MWC this year though, Samsung having a special launch event specifically for that device.

When the Galaxy Note III and Galaxy S4 arrive, Samsung are guaranteed to create a giant profit.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is Packed with a lot of good options.

Samsung Galaxy S III features

The Android smartphone race is on. Samsung and HTC are in an exceedingly fierce smartphone duel, showcasing raw HP (on that, they are even), lovely style and really massive, high-resolution displays (of the four.7- and 4.8-inch sorts), phenomenally compact and thin and light-weight packaging. The company’s flagship Samsung Galaxy S III  has been accessible for pre-order from all the main carriers, and began shipping for a number of them on June 21.
The Samsung Galaxy S III finished what the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II left off–it is even a lot more elegant and skinny, with a larger screen. It’s an incredible media device, even though it is not equipped with the latest quad-core processors, it’s really quick.

It is additionally filled with options. It comes with the latest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich), it additionally includes a lot of ways that to attach and transfer information between phones and alternative devices (from Android Beam to Samsung’s S Beam to Wi-Fi Direct), to not mention file and media sharing apps like AllShare.

The Samsung Galaxy S III camera is additionally among the highest quality camera you can find in a smartphone, with its macro shooting, light-weight settings, smile capture, burst mode, and a dizzy array of alternative options.

Seems like the Samsung Galaxy S III includes some sort of Siri imitation. S Voice helps you to give voice commands to your phone, additionally it provides speech-to-text recognition. By activating voice commands within the settings menu, I used to be able to tell the Galaxy S III to make an alarm, reject calls, play and pause music (and skip songs), activate Wi-Fi, and even give standing updates on social networks. I took footage employing a voice command. Like a lot of those systems, the standard of the speech to text translation wasn’t excellent, however it was good enough (one of my Tweets did not create a lot of sense and I didn’t notice the error– and that was a little embarrassing).

The Galaxy S III comes with many more cool features that we urge you to go out and try for yourself. It’s pretty clear that Samsung have done it again in terms of besting themselves when creating a new smartphone to put on the market. If you’re a hard core fan of Android and Samsung all together we urge you to go out and check the SIII. You won’t be disappointed.

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