Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z Review

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Sony Xperia Z Head to Head Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review


Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S III was the undisputed King of golem. several expect its inevitable follow-up to repeat in 2013. however one company hoping to carve out its own piece of the pie is Sony. Its Xperia Z is that the Japanese company’s most serious encroach upon smartphones. however will it collect against 2012′s best? Let’s take a glance.

Size Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Sony Xperia Z

The Xperia Z is diluent, slightly longer, concerning a similar dimension. These area unit 2 massive smartphones. The Xperia Z is slightly longer, however roughly a similar dimension. Sony’s telephone is additionally notably diluent.

The Xperia Z is heavier, however it additionally has higher quality build materials. The Xperia Z is heavier, however not by an enormous margin. you’ll be able to trace that on to its higher-quality build materials. The Xperia Z contains a glass back; the Galaxy S III’s is plastic.

The Xperia Z’s Smartphone Display is a little larger, and with more pixels

The Xperia Z joins the Droid desoxyribonucleic acid and Huawei Ascend D2 within the initial wave of Super membrane phones. Its 441 pixels per in. might or might not be overkill. Either way, 1080p smartphones are going to be a trend in 2013.

Both phones supply nice performance, however the Xperia’s could also be higher
The Xperia Z has a similar flower S4 professional chip found within the Nexus four, Optimus G, and Droid desoxyribonucleic acid. it is a screamer.

The chips within the 2 versions of the Galaxy S III are not quite on par with the S4 professional. except for most customers, their performance are going to be quite adequate.

The Xperia Z’s RAM equals the U.S. Galaxy S III’s, and doubles the international version’s. The Xperia Z’s two GB of RAM match the North yank version of the Galaxy S III. the world edition settles for one GB.

Samsung offers 3 storage choices for the S3, whereas Sony is protrusive with 16GB Samsung sells its flagship in 3 completely different storage choices. The Xperia Z comes in one sixteen GB flavor.Both handsets enable expandable microSD card storage.

Both phones supply quick LTE information speeds
If your native carrier supports LTE, each phones can deliver today’s quickest mobile information speeds. There also are HSPA+ (slightly quicker than 3G) variants of each devices, additionally to straightforward 3G.

Sony’s battery has slightly higher capability, With a 7.8Wh (2100mAh) removable battery we have a tendency to found the Galaxy S3 lasted a handful of days of general use. The Xperia Z contains a larger eight.6Wh (2330mAh) however non-removable battery, however however long it will keep the phone going with its Full HD screen is however to be seen.

Final Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Sony Xperia Z details

On paper, the Xperia Z contains a slightly higher capability. however several factors confirm battery life, and also the Xperia Z powers a show with over 2 million pixels. Sony is advertising “Battery Stamina mode,The new feature shuts down the battery-and any hogging apps after you do not would like them. till the Xperia Z is place through its paces, though, take Sony’s claims of “outstanding” period with grains of salt.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review

The Xperia Z shoots 13MP shots, and HDR videos, Another 2013 smartphone trend are going to be 13-megapixel cameras, and also the Xperia Z is leading the means. The Xperia Z additionally shoots High Dynamic vary (HDR) video. Like HDR still photography, it combines the simplest of high and low exposures, making an endeavor with fine detail in each bright and dark areas.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review

Sony is selling the Xperia Z as a water-proof phone. we have a tendency to would not suggest soaking it in a very storage tank, however it ought to survive AN unfortunate drop into a bath or rest room. Smartphones age quickly, and also the Galaxy S III is growing somewhat long within the tooth. The Galaxy S IV may arrive by might, that may solely be a couple of months once the Xperia Z’s (unknown) Q1 unharness date.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z: Platform
The Xperia Z and Galaxy S3 area unit each Google’s golem smartphones running version four.1 jelly egg. there’s a more moderen version of golem that the Galaxy S3 is looking ahead to and can be obtainable for the Xperia Z once launch. Android appearance quite completely different between the smartphones since each vendors use their own interface overlay. very similar to the appearance of a phone, that overlay is best is generally all the way down to personal style.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z: property
Connectivity options area unit on a par consisting of dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth four.0, near-field communications (NFC) and digital living network alliance (DLNA) certification. Neither have any physical ports on the far side microUSB and phone.As normal the Xperia Z has 4G LTE property and there’s a 4G LTE specific model of the Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z: The Storage
Sony has solely created the Xperia Z with 16GB of internal storage however Samsung offers way more flexibility. The Galaxy S3 comes in many optional size 16GB, 32GB and 64GB smartphone models, matching the iPhone five. each handsets have a microSD card slot for enlargement however the Samsung supports cards up to 64GB – doubly the scale that the Xperia Z supports.
Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z: Camera review

At 8Mp, the Galaxy S3′s camera was a fairly normal resolution for 2012 however if the Xperia Z may be anything to travel by then 13Mp is a new normal for this year. each cameras have the flexibility to record video fully HD 1080p quality however Sony’s Exmor RS detector guarantees higher quality results. The Sony Xperia Z additionally contains a higher quality front facing camera at two.2Mp which might shoot 1080p video. The Galaxy S3′s camera is restricted to one.9Mp and 720p video.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z: Screen Review
Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has one among the largest screens we have seen on a smartphone (ignoring the Galaxy Note) at four.8in. Sony has opted for a bigger 5in Reality Display screen, the largest it’s ever place into a smartphone. The Galaxy S3 contains a resolution of 720 x 1280 however this can be trumped by the 1080 x 1920 on supply from the Xperia Z. the total HD suggests that the best picture element density we have seen on a smartphone of 441ppi creating the Galaxy S3′s 306ppi look quite paltry. Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z: The Processor and memory Review The core internal specification of the Samsung Galaxy S3 consists of a one.4GHz Exynos four Quad, AN own-brand quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM. The Xperia Z uses a similar one.5GHz Qualcomm flower S4 professional found within the Google Nexus 4with 2GB of RAM.

The Galaxy S3 managed a decent score of 1659 in GeekBench two. though we have not been ready to benchmark the Xperia Z however since we have a tendency to solely saw it at CES, we have a tendency to expect it to attain the same score to the Nexus four that scored 2009.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z: style and build
Although the 2 smartphones have completely different screen sizes they’re nearly identical in their dimensions. each area unit 71mm across and also the Xperia Z is just 2mm taller at 139mm. Sony’s telephone is additionally the diluent of the 2 at seven.9mm compared to eight.6mm. In terms of weight the Samsung Galaxy S3 is that the lighter at 133g. The Xperia Z weighs 146g as a result of it uses a lot of shut in its style instead of plastic.  Which is a lot of enticing is all the way down to opinion however it’s value commenting that the Xperia Z edges from a mud and waterproof style (IP57 certified). once payment time with each handsets, it is the Xperia Z that contains a higher build quality.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review

Summing up the results of these 2 smartphones

The Xperia Z comes out of this confrontation filthy rich. In fairness to Samsung, though, we’re comparison 2 generations of phones. maybe the a lot of applicable comparison would be later this year, between the Xperia Z and also the Galaxy S IV. If the Xperia Z is as fashionable as Sony hopes it’ll be, maybe we’ll come back that around Gregorian calendar month.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia Z review

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