Samsung Galaxy S4 one of the best smartphone out, but with flaws

| November 26, 2013

Samsung had a smartphone breakthrough last year with the Galaxy S III that could possibly be the best smartphone, that sold  fifty million units worldwide. This year’s followup, the Galaxy S4, does not feel quite as eventful, however its hardware enhancements and user-interface refinements are enough to make it stand out as one of the best Android smartphones. The Galaxy S4′s style is very similar to the Galaxy S III. And after I say very similar I mean you have to be obsessed in order to spot the differences between the two. Except for a more rectangular body and a lot of metal-esque band wrapping round the sides, there is very little to separate Samsung’s successor from its precursor. The most notable enhancements to the phone’s hardware are available in its processor, screen and camera. None are revolutionary, however all of them match or one-up from the S III.

Best smartphone with a 5inch screen?

The 5-inch, Super AMOLED screen is the most advanced screen Samsung has ever put in a phone, with a 1080p screen and a component density of 441 pixels per inch — over enough to eliminate any trace of pixelation. The screen might stand to be a little brighter, however that is a minor quibble. Even with an even bigger screen and a beefier battery, the Galaxy S4 managed to be ever-so-slightly slimmer, and lighter than the Galaxy S III. Smartphone manufacturers have spent the past few years flinging additional cores at everything, thus one more quad-core processor now within the style of Qualcomm’s snapdragon 600 does not sound all that exciting, particularly compared to the “octo-core” Samsung Exynos five.Geek caveat: “Those additional four cores within the Exynos five are meant for low-power situations, that is why they do not give the huge boost over snapdragon that you simply may expect”. Still, the actual fact that the Galaxy S4 is over three times as fast than the Galaxy S III is nothing to scoff at. I’ve put the S4 under rigorous mistreatment for a couple a weeks and I seldom discovered a flash when it suffered from important lagging or overheating. The one noticeable exception was after I started playing “Real athletics 3″ a diagrammatically intense game that got stormy once too many cars were onscreen. That is not Samsung’s fault– Android is infamous for its game lag.

The Galaxy S4′s camera is additionally improve. On paper, the leap from eight megapixels to thirteen megapixels sounds substantial, however we have learned over the years that the megapixel race is barely a part of the story involving camera quality. The Galaxy S4′s new photographic trick is a sensor that is back-lit, which suggests it will capture brighter and more detailed images without the use of a flash. The camera works well in most traditional settings, its new program, taken from Samsung’s point-and-shoot Galaxy Camera, is nicely set out and simple to use. The image time interval between touching the shutter button and having a saved photograph is not blazing, however this is not a bother. Some of the new features, like the ability to erase unwanted objects from an image’s background or produce time-lapse action shots, are not that neat. Of course, these enhancements, particularly to the camera and screen, need a lot of power, and Samsung is duty-bound by packing in a very larger battery. With the screen’s brightness set to the max, 4G turned on, and some apps and services running within the background (Facebook, Gmail, Google speak, etc. — the same old things), I was able to go through a normal daily use. However with heavier usage on a daily basis, I found myself having to recharge within 6 to 8 hours. All in all, I did not notice any large leap in battery life over the S3, however it actually was not that bad.

SGs4 best smartphone

Best smartphone with Samsung’s custom “TouchWiz” interface?

The updates that Samsung is trying to push with the Galaxy S4 are not necessarily the phone’s hardware, it’s more like the upgrades packed into Samsung’s custom “TouchWiz” interface. The phone’s flashier tricks are: pausing a video just by looking away from the screen, answering or rejecting a call by gesturing over the phone and activating tilt-based scrolling once eye contact is detected.Samsung also introduced some options from its Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, like the possibility of 2 apps running at the same time side-by-side, and the Airview feature, that detects your finger when it hovers over the screen. This gesture will activate a secondary action or menu. Those are neat tricks, however they more like a cheap act than the revolutionary breakthroughs Samsung would really like them to be. They are fascinating in a more novelty way and none of them will every replace the way we usually interact with our devices.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 the best smartphone currently on the market? The short answer is yes. Only a few phones that are out there can barely reach it’s high performance.

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