samsung galaxy s4 VS iphone 5 The samsung galaxy s4 beats the iphone 5

| July 31, 2013

The detailed s4 vs iphone 5, the Galaxy S4 reached a stimulating 3163 on Primate Lab’s Geekbench2 x-platform processor benchmark test, The HTC One not coming anyplace close to with a score within 2680.

So what is it that makes the number spectacular maybe the S4 tested is the quad-core us variant,  the 8-core powerhouse that is set to release globally. It conjointly handily outperformed its quad-core forerunner, the Galaxy S3, that peaked at 1717.

Not astonishingly, the Galaxy wiped the ground with Apple’s iPhone 5, that runs on a dual core A6 processor and managed a not so exceptional 1596. The recently launched BlackBerry Z10 fared even worse with a score of 1480.

samsung galaxy s4 VS iphone 5

samsung galaxy s4 VS iphone 5

Of course, power alone doesn’t make a pleasurable user expertise. It’s however well the processor is optimised to run a deluge of applications and also the array of on board options it offers that actually concern the bulk of users.

samsung galaxy s4 vs iphone 5 in testing the samsung galaxy s4 crushes iphone 5

Fortunately, by the appearance of things, the Galaxy S4 has masses to supply therein department, with an improved Nature Ux user interface that brings good new options to form the phone even easier to use than before.

Among these is wise Scroll that enables you to scroll content on the screen by merely tilting the phone, and good Pause that utilises the front-facing camera to automatically pause videos once you’re not viewing the screen.

samsung galaxy s4 vs iphone 5 conclusion

There’s conjointly the new Air Wave feature that uses floating bit technology, which means you’ll be able to simply wave your render the screen to scroll through photos, webpages and a lot of.

Aside from killer process capabilities, the Galaxy S4 conjointly boasts a 13-megapixel camera and 4G LTE support for blazing fast downloads on networks that supply the super-fast service. If you have comment on the s4 vs iphone 5 smartphones feel free to post below.

samsung galaxy s4 VS iphone 5

samsung galaxy s4 VS iphone 5

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