Samsung to test new 3 sided display

| August 8, 2014

A new 3 sided display from Samsung is rumored to be entering test production

3 sided display

The Youm display at CES 2013

The inspiration for the 3 sided display probably came to Samsung at CES 2013 where the rounded edged Youm display made its debut. This new idea looked so appealing to Samsung that they decided to put it into trial production.

According to the South Korean media, which got this information from sources from within Samsung’s supply chain, the 3 sided display (pictured above) has entered manufacturing in limited quantities. Samsung can only make the plastic substrate required by the display in limited amounts, meaning that any device sporting this kind of screen will be available in limited quantities only.

More rumors have it that this 3 sided display may turn up in the also rumored curved version of the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. Even though nobody is sure in what amounts is Samsung producing this new 3 sided display it may very well be just for a batch of prototype handsets.

Samsung's 3 sided display

Samsung is already expected to release a new curved smartphone at some point in 2014, many believing that it will be the continuation to the Galaxy Round handset. But, this 3 sided display may just be a different approach to the whole curved design idea and may very well end up in a whole different product range

Already rumors say that Samsung is preparing to release two versions of the Note 4, one with a curved/flexible display and one with a regular screen. It is also believed that Samsung could offer a different approach on device functionality with the 3 sided display, including features such as: swiping the side to unlock, clearing up space on the main display by putting some buttons on the side or simply being a place to store things like bookmarks.

With the introducing of this new 3 sided display our attention towards Samsung grew exponentially. Even though the unveiling for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 isn’t until September this year, the news and rumors that keep turning up just made it more difficult to wait that long.


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