Samsung vs Apple verdict

| May 3, 2014

The jury has reached a verdict!

Samsung vs Apple verdict

After a full month of testimony, the jury deliberated for 2 days and reached the following conclusion:

Samsung has to give Apple a $119.6 million compensation while Apple has, in turn, to give Samsung $158,400, a very small fraction from the $6 million that Samsung sought after.

The court determined that Samsung copied the following patents from Apple:

  • 5,946,647 – Patent that allows links to open other apps. I.e. if you click on an email link in Facebook and it opens the email application.
  • 8,046,721– The slide to unlock patent.
  • 8,074,172 – Word completion and autocorrect.

On the other hand, the court found that Apple stole the following patent from Samsung:

  • 6,226,449 – Camera and photo organization technology.

Neither company got what it wanted. Samsung tried to get patent number 5,579,239 (a video transmission patent) and failed just like Apple failed to get compensation on their background sync and universal search patents.

Initially Apple wanted to be rewarded the extremely insane sum of $2.2 billion for Samsung’s “patent infringements”. Luckily the jury decided that these claims were highly exaggerated, but the money Apple has been awarded is not finalized. The courts still must determine how much damage was done by the Galaxy line.

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