Is Samsung working on the Galaxy S5 Neo?

| April 28, 2014

News and rumors about Samsung’s new devices

According to some speculations, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will be seeing daylight sometime in June, but if we look at Samsung’s recent history, that’s probably not the only Galaxy S5 variant in the works. Even though the next-gen Galaxy Zoom looks like it might be dropping the “S5” from its name, there is still hope that we might see a Galaxy S5 Mini or even a GS5 Active, well, maybe not a Galaxy S5 Active since the original device is already dust and water proof. But what about the Neo series?

Samsung generally uses “Neo” for the budget options of their flagship devices, such as the Galaxy Note 3 Neo and the Gear 2 Neo. So why not release a Galaxy S5 Neo. According to SamMobile, the Neo version of their high-end smartphone is already in the testing phase and could be arriving with the model number SM-G750. Rumors have it that the Neo version of the S5 was spotted having a 720p display, others think that the SM-G750 will turn out to be the Galaxy Mini. To shed some light onto the situations, some shipping lists have been leaked and we can safely say that the SM-G750 will have 5.1-inches in diagonal. So long Galaxy S5 Mini.

But, if Samsung decides to release a budget version of the S5 what should we expect from it? All we can tell you is that it will have a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor and a 720p display. But if we look at all the Neo variants and compare them to their originals a slight decrease in RAM is inevitable. But, would you buy it over the Galaxy S5, even if it were a lot cheaper?

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