Secret is now available for Android

| May 21, 2014

The new anonymous sharing app is available for Android!

Secret is now available for Android

After its successful launch on Apple’s platform, where it became a hit with Silicon Valley insiders, Secret is now available for Android, waiting for you to get it from the Play Store and share your deepest, dirtiest secrets. But, aren’t those meant to be, well, secret?

The one thing that makes Secret different from all the other social apps out there is that you are completely anonymous. When you sign up you are, even though it’s contradictory, asked for your email and phone number so the app can show you posts from your contacts. You can always choose not to give your phone number but you won’t be able to see posts from your phone’s contact list.

After you sign up you get to see “secrets”, those are short anonymous posts that tells you the little things that people tend to keep to themselves, you won’t find any murder confession on this app if that’s what you’re looking for.

The only thing that this app tells you is if the post is from someone in your extended circle or from a direct friend, but that’s about it. In the end you’re left to guess whom might the author be. You can share posts, comment on them (anonymously, of course), subscribe to them or flag them if you find them offensive.

Everybody wants to know a dirty secret, or a little one. Let’s face it, secrets are fun. On this app you can find all sorts of secrets, funny ones, depressing ones and some are even downright insane. Even if you’re surrounded by boring people you can always entertain yourself by reading some intimate notes from strangers.

If you’re interested in Secret head to the Play Store and try it!

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