Slimtim’ iPhone 5 case by Ted Baker

| November 23, 2013

Ted Baker iPhone 5 case by Proporta for your new phone

ted baker slimtim iphone 5 cases by proporta

Ted Baker Slimtim iPhone 5 cases by Proporta

London Fashion Week is not just designer clothing, it also features designer accessories for electronic devices. One of the most recent Ted Baker branded Spring-Summer 2013 iPhone cases – created unitedly with Proporta – has landed within the Pocket-lint offices to strut its stuff.

Long-time fans of Brit designer Ted Baker will notice the trademark colored stripe styles, though the “Slimtim” iPhone 5 case we have on our mitts could be a mixture of written blue fabric, square-diamonds and horizontal stripes. It certainly is a loud and proud style.

ted baker slimtim iphone 5 cases by proporta

Ted Baker iPhone 5 smartphone case

The case itself is plastic, however the sleek exterior virtually feels soft once it’s off from the packaging. Paired with the iPhone it fits sort of a like a cozy, bespoken suit jacket – however, with its black interior and loud specked exterior, it’s a lot of sort like a Ted Baker suit flipped inside out.

ted baker slimtim iphone 5 cases by proporta

Final thought on the new Ted Baker iPhone 5

One the back side you can usually find the “Ted Baker London” emblem but it’s printed. It’s actually a shame that it is not a raised bevel or perhaps a different material to actually stand out that way more Ted Baker iPhone 5 case.

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