i.am+ case for iPhone Smartphone

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The future of smartphone cameras at Consumer Electronics Show The New i.am+ case for iPhone

i.am+ case for iPhone

i.am+ case for iPhone

LAS VEGAS  are the times numbered for standalone point-and-shoot cameras? the standard of photos that we can produce using our smartphones are beginning to catch up and our phones can even want point-and-shoots.

The i.am+ case for iPhone, designed by Black Eyed Peas beguiler Will.i.am, will just that.
“Bluetooth enabled shutter and flash, comes with a companion app to require footage, 2 filters to share with your social network things like that” Kevin Flores of i.am+ said “is with an interchangeable lens. These initiate and comes with a regular lens, a large angle lens and a fish-eye lens.”

If you confer with any serious camera man, they’ll probably tell you it’s the lenses that basically build a distinction once taking a decent picture. So in 2013, there’ll be no shortage of add on lenses for your mobile device.
Polaroid is about to supply cases for i-devices that have a slot on them for simply snapping on lenses.

i.am+ case for iPhone

The fish-eye lens is a 6 times telephotograph lens, and a 9times zoom telephotograp lens that conjointly transforms into a 60x magnifier lens,” Eric Sasson from Polaroid aforementioned.

Polaroid is additionally among those providing a wireless shutter trigger, that may be a feature designed into the good Cookoo Watch.
The watch links to your smartphone to inform you once you’re obtaining a decision, sends you calendar reminders, let’s you analyze Facebook and conjointly helps you snap higher self-portraits.

You can take any image remotely, thus once you’re taking these selfie shots rather than having to carry your present, you’ll be able to set your phone somewhere, you’ll be able to walk back, get the cluster shot so take the image by simply pressing a button on your watch,” Peter Hauser of ConnecteDevice aforementioned.

Cameras tho’, don’t seem to be going quietly. several are stealing a page from cell phones so as to remain relevant.
Like Samsung’s new camera that is connecting to either a WiFi hotspot or a mobile phone data signal, permitting users to instantly email photos, transfer them to social networking sites or maybe send them straight over to your i.am+ case for iPhone smartphone.

i.am+ case for iPhone

i.am+ case for iPhone

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