Smartphone security

| March 27, 2014

Tips to improve your smartphone security

Nowadays, smartphone security has become a priority because of one particular reason, internet access. Our devices are now capable of a lot of things, from social networking to real time GPS, but all of these require internet access which can be a double edged sword. The internet can be a wonderful thing, you can learn anything, see everything within a matter of seconds, but it can also be the death of your device. Without proper smartphone security your device can be a target for random hackers, malware and many other dangers that can steal your personal data, contact info, basically everything you have stored in your device. But fear not, there are a couple of not so drastic measures that you can take to keep your beloved handset safe from the perils that lurk around every corner of the world wide web.

Smartphone security

Tips for optimal smartphone security

These tips come from Kaspersky’s internet security team, so you know that these smartphone security tips aren’t just your average Joe’s invention.

Keep it locked, the easiest smartphone security tip

Making sure your lock screen is on at all times can prevent your device from being a target to the many cybercriminals surfing the net.

Encrypt your most valuable information

Some devices have settings preinstalled to boost smartphone security, and it’s even better if it has data encryption options. If it has make sure you use them, if your handset somehow gets stolen criminals won’t be able to use your personal information stored on your phone, with the condition that said information is encrypted.

Keep an eye on the apps you have on your device

Be aware of the permission access some apps require to be installed, manly on the Android based ones. Everybody can now make an app and upload it on the internet, but some of these people specially design these apps to steal information from your phone. Just keep an eye on what apps you download, makes sure they come from a safe source and don’t mindlessly allow them access to your device. Smartphone security seems pretty important right now doesn’t it?

Use antivirus software

This is a no brainer, you know why you should download antivirus software on your computer so why not install it on your phone. Viruses don’t necessarily target PC’s, smartphones have become a pretty popular target.

Be aware of the risks of jailbreaking

Jailbreaking means messing up with the operating software’s code, mainly because people want free apps or run different OS’s on devices that don’t support them. If this is not done by a professional, and by professional I mean someone who actually knows what to do because you will never find this procedure in licensed phone repair shops, you can kiss your smartphone security goodbye. If you’re willing to do this to your handset, at least make sure it’s done by someone who knows how to properly do it.

Switch off Bluetooth when you can

This one is another easy smartphone security tip, just switch off Bluetooth when you’re not using it. Not only your phone has access to the internet but via Bluetooth even more people can hack into your phone and mess with it.

Are all these smartphone security tips really necessary?

In one short answer, yes. If you can’t follow them all of them just keep in mind the most important ones, get an antivirus, close Bluetooth when you don’t need it and make sure your lock screen is on. That’s it! And always remember the importance of smartphone security, nobody wants their personal information stolen.

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