Smartphone trends to follow in 2014

| March 1, 2014

What smartphone trends will 2014 bring?

It’s obviously clear that smartphones are changing from generation of generation and so are smartphone trends and 2014 will be no different. If we take a look at some rumors and leaks about the new devices that we’ll see at MWC this month we can see what the smartphone trends for 2014 will be. If you want to buy a new smartphone now but can’t choose any, I suggest waiting a little longer for the next flagship models to be released to get the most bang for your buck. The reason to that is that the smartphone trends of 2013 are somewhat different than the trends that 2014 will be. So just wait a little longer and keep an eye out at what will be debuted at MWC this month.

Smartphone trends

The smartphone trends of the new year

     1. Larger displays, one of the most common smartphone trends

This is a no brainer. Screens tend to get bigger and bigger every year, it’s the smartphone trend that became a standard for every new generation of devices. If you take a look back in time you can see how much this smartphone trend has reshaped the handsets we know and love. When the iPhone first debuted it had a 3.5-inch screen that was considered quite large for its time. Apple started using the standard 5-inch display starting with the iPhone 5. Because of this smartphone trend boundaries get pushed more and more every year. A screen smaller than 5 inches is considered to be small and manufacturers are trying to incorporate bigger screens into smaller devices leading to edge-to-edge screen design.

     2. Higher resolution screens

Another common smartphone trend that has remained unchanged for the past couple of years is to squeeze as many pixels as you can in a screen. What good is having a huge screen if it looks like crap? This smartphone trend started to be implemented when computer monitors became bigger and better. So why should you have a full 1080p HD monitor and TV and can’t have a decent smartphone screen? Because of this smartphone trend the new year will bring us technologies like QHD, or Quad HD, with a resolution of 1440X2560 pixels or more. Sharper images, 4K video streaming and vibrant colors will also be available thanks to the 4G LTE networks that allow us to download higher resolution graphics without making it feel like a chore.

     3. Faster processors, another common smartphone trend that pushes boundaries every year

2013 brought us quad-core processors for our devices and we thought it was blazing fast, but was it? This never changing smartphone trend will bring us true octa-core processors this year and our cellphones will make our old computers look like pile of rubble. Because of Apple leading the way in 64-bit processing technology, their rivals won’t wait longer to get a piece of the action. This very obvious smartphone trend will bring us handsets that will work twice as better than last year’s flagship devices.  Also Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is pushing the standard in the usage of RAM, it comes with 4GB of it and it makes multitasking seem like a breeze

     4. Security, the most overlooked smartphone trend

It’s becoming a more pressing issue that our phones need to be more secured nowadays more than ever. This smartphone trend started when internet access became a very common thing and with Wi-Fi spots being available almost anywhere the need to secure and protect your phone has increased. Also, people started carrying more sensitive data on their device and this smartphone trend pushed the envelope of security and now we have handsets with passlocks, codes and some even implemented a fingerprint scanner (i.e. the iPhone 5S) and rumors state that the new Galaxy S5 will be having an iris scanner as well. We can have the fastest and most powerful devices in the world but what for if anybody can easily brake in and do anything they want with it.

     5. Emerging technologies, the newest smartphone trend

With science evolving at an all-time high it’s very clear that our smartphones will sport newer and fancier features. This smartphone trend began when manufacturers decided to experiment with their devices and see what they can bring new to the picture. Think of the times when the first touch-screen phone was introduced and how weird it looked and now it’s basically a standard. This smartphone trend will surely bring some fun and nifty things for 2014. LG and Samsung have announced that they will be releasing devices with a curved, flexible screen, HTC made a prototype of a full touch flip phone using the same flexible screen technology. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will have an iris scanner and the iPhone 6 is rumored to be entirely made out of a flexible screen. This smartphone trend will continue to push the boundaries of contemporary technology and it’s always fun to see what crazy new thing the manufacturers will release.

What do you think?

It’s great to see that our devices are getting bigger and better every passing year but some of us simply want them to stay the same. I’m personally fonder of flip phones just because I grew up with them and I thought they looked cool when I was a kid but that doesn’t stop me from being excited about the newest releases. The world around us is evolving very fast even as we’re speaking (or reading) so we might tend to hiss at some crazy new device that will be released. Anyway it’s clear that these smartphone trends won’t change for a long time.

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