Sony Xperia users get 350$ worth of freebies!

| May 1, 2014

From the Z to the Z2, users get a free 350$ bundle!

What can make a phone better, besides the device itself? Free stuff that comes with it! The Sony Xperia line offers a lot of great smartphones at a reasonable price but Sony wants to up the ante.

Sony Xperia bundle is offered with the purchase of any Xperia device

If you can legally get a hold of any Xperia device please make sure to check the bundle of free apps and subscription that Sony throws in with every purchase of any of their flagships. This offer, according to Sony, is worth $350 and will not include any other freebies that the Japanese manufacturer announced in the past, like six free movies, 10 games, Michael Jackson’s new album XSCAPE. But the bundle has some good highlights like 50GB of storage on Box for life and full licenses for OfficeSuite Full Pro and Garmin. Here’s the full list of freebies:

  • Garmin, Full Suite (Xperia Z2 only)
  • OfficeSuite Pro Full version
  • Box 50GB for life
  • Evernote premium, 3mths
  • Bitcasa 1TB storage, 3mths
  • 10 Xperia themes
  • Social live premium, 1mth*
  • Three additional games and apps

This wonderful bundle is available for every user of the Xperia Z,Z1 and Z2, depending on market availability, all you have to do is log into Sony’s Xperia Lounge app and redeem your offer. But overall Sony offers a really nice digital goodie-bag and it really does make the phone more appealing to buy.



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