The best prepaid phone

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Are you interested in getting your hands on the best prepaid smartphone on the market today? Then you don’t need to look any further. We’ll be giving you a review on the best prepaid phones which will equip you with the best of features at affordable prices.

The Top 5 of prepaid phones

The best prepaid phones can be found at Boost Mobile

the best prepaid phone

Boost Mobile is considered to be one of the best prepaid phones as it offers users with unlimited monthly and daily service plans. Its cost effective Shrinking Payments plan allows users to pay as low as only $40 per month while being able to access unlimited Android services. The $2 per day daily service plan allows users to make calls, texts, email and surf the net unlimited for a day. Boost Mobile’s Android phones have excellent coverage and give up to 4G speeds. Boost mobile offers a valuable prepaid phone called the LG Venice, probably the best prepaid phone, money-wise. It has a high-speed processor with excellent graphics. Its price range is from $131.62 to $179.99.

Number 2: Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile also falls in the category of being one of the best prepaid phones available today. It offers customers flexible plans and a good selection of phones.

Virgin Mobile suggests two kinds of prepaid plans; Beyond Talk Unlimited plans, which are designed for smart phones and offer unlimited text messaging service, and the payLo Talk plan which is intended for basic phones and is relatively cheap. The company offers the latest iPhone models which work on 3G and 4G networks. On sale, the iPhone 5c 16GB, being provided by Virgin Mobile, costs only $449.99 at both online and retail stores.

Number 3: Cricket Wireless

If you are looking for unlimited plans, excellent mobile features and one of the best prepaid phones available at a low price, Cricket can deliver it all. This prepaid mobile provider has the latest Samsung and iPhone smartphones on discounted prices with unlimited web access. Cricket is selling the HTC One SV, at a slashed price of $279.99, instead of its actual price of $349.99. It is also one of the cheapest providers of monthly smartphone plans. You can make payments in reasonable portions over a period of 23 months after the initial purchase of your phone.

Number 4: T Mobile

T-mobile has the cheapest prepaid phones and plans, but consists it has one of the fastest data speeds. It offers a wide range of Android phones which includes Google’s Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the remarkable HTC one. Whichever phone you purchase, you can pay for it over a period of 24 months in reasonable monthly installments, in case you’re unable to pay upfront. If you purchase Google’s Nexus 4,  you will have to pay only $50 each month until you pay off the full price.

Number 5: MetroPCS

the best prepaid phone

MetroPCS specializes is in providing unlimited and valuable prepaid cellphone plans to users. Even though its collection of phones is limited, it offers low-priced but good quality smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4. The company is offering this phone for $549.00. But if you are one of those who want a worthwhile prepaid phone but are in a budget, MetroPCS’s LG Motion 4G is the best prepaid phone for you. It is an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which comes with multiple apps, including the Chrome web browser and its online price is only $139.00.

So if you want to find the ideal prepaid phone look above and decide for yourself, they’re all really good in the end.



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