The Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

| April 4, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is beyond question about to be the pride and joy trouser a garment pocket. Keeping that phone feeling contemporary and scratch-free suggests that investing in a very tight case, however with Samsung such a hot topic at the instant, accessories extend means on the far side that. So then, what kind of toys must you be investing in to go alongside your Galaxy S4 once it arrives? browse on to search out out everything you wish for your Galaxy S4.


Let’s begin with the obvious: a case. The Samsung Galaxy S4 contains a massive 5-inch 1080p screen, that whereas being protected by gorilla Glass 3, won’t return off thus well in a very fight between screen and pavement.

The Best smartphone samsung galaxy acessories List below

Tech21 Impactology cases

Tech21 has put along a variety of robust cases for the new Samsung phone. beginning with the Impact Snap Black and White, that retails for £19.99. The Tech21 impact reduction technology within primarily pushes impact force off from the phone if you drop it, creating it nice and safe within the case, without the necessity for an enormous plastic case.

samsung galaxy acessories

samsung galaxy acessories

The cases conjointly embrace the Impact Snap with protect £24.99 and therefore the rather cool-looking Impact Mesh, that is obvious round the edges with associate orange band. all of them are occurring sale from twenty six Apr once the Galaxy S4 launches.

Case-Mate barely there

We have already got the robust case box ticked with griffin, thus currently on to one thing a bit a lot of fashionable. The Galaxy S4 is meant to be light-weight and small, thus a decent case shouldn’t add an excessive amount of to the shape issue of the phone.

samsung galaxy acessories

samsung galaxy acessories

Case-Mate’s Barely There range includes 2 cases, one in aluminium, that match as shut as possible to the Galaxy S4 whereas providing a decent quantity of protection. each can go on sale from the top of Apr. the traditional Barely there’s £14.99, the aluminium one £19.99.

Belkin Micra Folio case

Making a good different to Samsung’s own whole flip case, however throwing in a bit of wallet practicality for good measure is Belkin’s Micra Folio case.

samsung galaxy acessories

samsung galaxy acessories

The whole factor is wrapped in soft-touch material, with a flip cover on the front that options a pocket within which to store cards and money. A microfibre lining sits on the within of the cover to keep your screen clean.

V-Moda Vamp Verza

This one may be a little bit of fun quite something, though we are able to see it being a vastly helpful accent for the Ssmmer, particularly if you plan to require your phone to the park to provide music.

samsung galaxy acessories

samsung galaxy acessories

You better start get saving although, as a result of V-Moda’s Vamp is $600 (£395). It includes a full amp and even a digital to analogue convertor. It fits into V-Moda’s Vamp Metallo case, combining the 2 into an amazing transportable hi-fi.


Android phones are beginning to get their own set of audio accessories, or a minimum of increased compatibility with devices. this suggests enjoy the enjoy best-in-class audio tech with your shiny new Galaxy S4.

Ultimate Ears 6000

One of the large draws of the UE 6000 is that they’re totally compatible, mic and all, with android handsets. Being battery supercharged noise cancellers additionally suggests that you get nice sounding audio even on planes and trains.

samsung galaxy acessories

samsung galaxy acessories

The Ultimate Ears have a style theme that is in keeping with that of Samung’s style. Glossey black and white matches nicely with the new colourways on the Galaxy S4, creating the headphones a little of a complementary product for your new phone. the ultimate Ears are £140.

Bowers & Wilkins P3

Another color matched set of headphones, the Bowers and Wilkins P3s are available black, white and a presently to be launched blue. They additionally sound fantastic and are nice and compact, coming with a good carry case to keep them protected in wallets or rucksacks.

samsung galaxy acessories

samsung galaxy acessories

B&Ws P3s value around £170, except for that you just have gotten some primium sound quality and build quality . They even have a removable cables just in case the set you have breaks.

SteelSeries Real racing 3 gaming smartphone headset

If there’s one app that’s very about to brag the graphical prowess of your Galaxy S4, then it’s Real racing 3. are ar talking regarding near-console quality gaming, all bound up in an app that’s free to download from online. Okay, thus there’s some freemium shenanigans happening, but hey, if you’ll be able to afford a Galaxy S4 then in-app purchases ought to be the smallest amount of your worries.

samsung galaxy acessories

samsung galaxy acessories

The SteelSeries 3 smartphone headset is meant specifically with RR3 in mind. They are shiped with a nice mini jack on the headphone thus you’ll be able to connect another set and share audio with a fan. there’s conjointly associate in-line mic for hands-free line. The RR3 headphones value £99 from the SteelSeries web site.


For many, the Galaxy S4 is the replacment of iPod or iPhone. this suggests some kind of speaker dock can are available significantly handy if you fancy taking your music additional. The Galaxy S4 uses a small USB connective, that ought to mean you wish solely a USB port on a dock for the phone to work.

Philips Fidelio AS851

Philips has taken correct care of android users with its vary of Fidelio audio docks. The AS851 contains a clever Flexidock, which might adapt to allow you to position just about any android phone into it.

This means your Galaxy S4 can match snug within the Fidelio, instead of suspension off it connected with a cable. It’s a minor purpose, however with one thing as premium because the SGS 4, you actually wish your dock to match its quality.

Idapt S2

How a couple of dock that works with each iOS and android devices, thus you’ll be able to plug in your Galaxy S4, or visiting friends attach their iPhones? That means everybody gets an opportunity to play their music at parties.

The Idapt S2’s thinking is that you just will never have enough connectors. As such, it comes with a small USB connective, additionally as a 30-pin Apple adapter or Lightning, must you be so inclined. The S2′s pricing starts at £159.

Conclusion of the Best smartphone samsung galaxy acessories

Fell free to comment below on your thoughts and other samsung galaxy acessories we have missed out on above.

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