The smartphone of the future

| November 24, 2013

What is the future’s best smartphone,Will it be the Samsung Galaxy S4? Is the HTC One a game changer? The answer to both of these questions is the same: no. Even though they are groundbreaking, or otherwise too impressive, there’s typically something simple in the shadow of something that will best them. Lately, we’ve been thinking what would a game-changing phone would be. If our ideal phone was to be released tomorrow, or next month, or even later this year… it’d set a extremely high bar.

Cover me

The device shell ought to be manufactured from kevlar, or the same material. Immune to scratches, and pliable while not breaking… nonetheless still rigid and cozy to carry. This material would be the sole issue besides the glass screen on our device, thus it’s to be robust and exquisite. We’re thinking bronze may be a nice color to begin with.
No visible screws just like the Nexus 4, either. As for ports, we’ll go small, a micro SD Card slot, micro USB, and an audio jack. There’ll be speakers, however no unpleasant speaker grills. The interior speakers are at the corners, and therefore the sound can emanate from there. Sounds crazy? Maybe… however this will forever solve the problem of how should the speaker face you and at what angle. Four corners are seldom blocked, and creating a case to accommodate this feature would be easy.

Smartphone of the future

Smartphone of the future and its screen

Gorilla Glass may be a beast, no doubt. It’s tough, scratch resistant, and exquisite. We tend to see no reason to stray from it for this ideal device, however we’d love it altered. We’d love it thinner, and versatile. We’d love it scratch proof, and even as sleek and sexy as the rest. A versatile screen, paired with a versatile casing, would create this device virtually unbreakable.


The size of the device depends mostly on the size of the screen that we’d wish to be likely around 5.25 inches  or so. This appears like a decent solution, as it’s nearly a tablet and not too little to create sensible use of all manner of apps. We additionally won’t be using ‘phablet’ to class our phone either. This phone formally declares that word dead.
To distance ourselves from further bulk, the phone ought to be without a bezel… all the way round the device. As ours is the latest version of our OS (keep reading!), it’ll solely have software buttons. No need (or want) for hardware buttons, and a really small area at the top for a front-facing camera and to peek out.
Without additional bezel, we’d conjointly prefer to have the device be slim. As slim like the Motorola Razr… without the Maxx battery. That device was 0.33” thick, and we’ll not have the enormous camera block protruding at the top.

Smartphone of the future

Gut check
No guts, no glory… and our device goes for it all. We would like the device to mock all alternative phones that follow. Some new progress has been made in terms of hardware, and we shall take full advantage.

Process this!
Those new Qualcomm processors look pretty tasty, don’t they? That Snapdragon 800 sounds like a monster, with 2.3GHz of raw power. That’s precisely what we’d like in our device… a processor that can handle anything, and therefore the 800 series ought to do nicely. Oh, and a few LTE baked right in no doubt.

Remember this!
That 2GB isn’t cutting it, you say? need additional RAM? Quadruple it! That’s right, we would like 8GB of RAM because… why not? A screaming quick processor with lots of RAM sounds like peanut butter and jelly. And while we’re at it, let’s talk about storage.
We carry around devices with 16GB currently, and it does the task fine. Cloud storage is becoming a really good alternative, that means we’d like less on-board storage. Some like a micro SD slot on their device, that is why we’ve enclosed it. We’ll conjointly bump your on-board storage up a little. A solid 64GB can work, however what if we tend to offered a 128GB possibility, too? What would you prefer?

Picture this!
Don’t lie… you are taking selfies. We all do, don’t worry. You want the planet to see when you look smart, and that’s alright! In your honor, we tend to present the 8MP front-facing camera. Good for hangouts, or that ever-present portrait with the arm extended within the lower right of the screen. Just keep it elegant, kids.
That back camera? How about 16MP? Higher than several standalone cameras, and without the fussy ultrapixel issue that looks to confuse several of us. Megapixels aren’t everything, however they sure can help when you want an incredible image.

Look at this!
We already apprehend the screen size and material, yet how sensible can it be? Screens are getting to the purpose where differentiating pixels is almost not possible to the naked eye, so an ultra-dense PPI is simply overkill. I will load every kind of documents and apps to stretch out the memory, and check out the processor… however they’ll solely look as stunning as my eyes can permit. we expect an HD screen is simply fine, because it can create the simplest of films and television while not making an attempt too exhausting.

Smartphone of the future

So far, some cool stuff, right? This device may be a powerhouse, however what might take it over the top? What would make people say “I want that phone”?
How about unlocked bootloaders?! This serves our purpose for the ideal smartphone. How can a manufacturer say that it supports and embraces the developer community, but at the same time not letting them design their own device?And how are they encouraging it? Developers, specifically ROM developers, are perpetually in a race against the clock once the source code is made. Instead of racing to the end, our device manufacturer would get them everything they need months beforehand so once the device launches, you already have your selection between the stock ROM… and theirs. Our OS would even be offered to developers long before what they’re seeing at the moment.

All charged up
We’ve mentioned new battery technology before, and that we assume it’s time for it to check the light of day. A battery that lasts a week or more or less, and charges in 15 minutes? It looks far-fetched, however consider it. Oh how wonderful it’d be to own the battery that simply won’t quit on you each day, or need a prolonged charge?
A battery with this kind of technology additionally permits us to cram all the nice stuff into a tighter package. A battery with such accountable power management might be abundantly smaller to suit our desires. Lighter footprint, smaller battery and smaller phone.

Smartphone of the future

The OS
Has to be Android, right? Well… yes and no. What we want is an Android/Google hybrid. We’d call our new baby Android Today, and instead of searching information… it’d feed it to us. Did you arrive a little early for your doctor appointment? Android Today would recommend a game to play, or a book to scan. It will scan your Google Calendar and your GPS location, thus it is aware that you’re early. Driving around purposelessly? Your GPS saw that, thus Android now is suggesting you set a destination in Google Maps. All of your favorite Android features spoon-fed to you by a sleek, smart, speedy device.

Smartphone of the future Conclusion

We’ve got an almost unbreakable, uber-fast, long lasting, good device. It will handle everything you toss at it, then asks for more. A tool that outpaces us would be monumental, and maybe a first. This ‘Android Authority 3000’ is additionally the last hand-held mobile device you’d most likely purchase.
Are we telling nothing can ever beat it? No, however the only logical breakthrough is Google Glass. If a device like this were to exist, it’d be more than our feeble human bodies might handle… nothing else would impress us.

Perhaps this device isn’t as distant as we expect. When considering our ideal phone, it seems we’ve designed most of what the Motorola X is supposed to be: unbreakable, fast, with a kind of battery that lasts. Maybe, Google is one step earlier than our dreams. Then again, they sometimes are.


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