The Bestsmartphone of 2013 ? The HTC Sense 5 screenshot and leaked pitures

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A Clean Look The New HTC Sense 5 screenshot and leaked pitures Is this the Bestsmartphone of 2013?

HTC Sense 5 ‘s Sense computer programme has invariably been one in all the additional lovely overlays on the market on robot phones, and currently it looks that the corporate is reducing the litter and creating them even additional trendy or the best smartphone for 2013.

In the screenshots we have seen from XDA Developers and robot Police there is important tidying of the UI. The clock, as an example, has done away with the currently out-of-fashion skeuomorphism flip-over vogue, in conjunction with the unfathomable unlock ring, and replaced them with additional elegant wanting styles.

There conjointly seems to be lots additional space on your home screen by default, feat lots of house for app icons, that area unit doubtless to be additional in style than a large nice clock and big weather graphic. If you raise United States of America, the fonts used and visual vogue have lots in common with the rather rattling LG Prada Smartphone.

HTC Sense 5 screenshot possibliy the Bestsmartphone in 2013

There conjointly seems to be a page shown with customisable tiles. This will have a whiff of Windows Phone regarding it, however we’re conjointly quite excited by the concept of a screen wherever we will have access to feeds and news, beat one place. Sense has invariably been one in all the higher overlays for aggregating data from your varied services, thus it might be nice to visualize a classy theme that may bring everything along.

Most of the interface parts we have seen here appear as if atiny low amendment from Sense four. The menus have an equivalent HTC Sense 5 colouring as invariably and therefore the notifications receptacle retains that dark gray and inexperienced look that HTC favours.

It all appearance rather sensible to United States of America, however solely time can tell if these area unit real, or the work of an obsessive HTC fan. it’s to be aforesaid although, XDA Developers may be a pretty reliable supply for latest robot hackery, which supplies United States of America some hope HTC Sense 5 screenshot below forsure this will be 2013 best smartphone what are your thoughts  on this HTC Sense 5?

HTC Sense 5 screenshot below

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