What is the best smartphone after Apple iPhone 4?

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There only used to be a couple of selections if you were searching for a phone that would just cover the fundamentals, however since the iPhone 4 entered the scene there has been many completely different smartphones designed to rival the iPhone 4. A lot of these devices come with some exciting options that can leave the iPhone 4 behind and also the growth of the Android software system has given non Apple smartphones a new lease on life due to its clever interface, app store and accessibility on cheaper devices. If you don’t care that much about the iPhone 4 and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a phone what would be your options?

Best smartphone after Apple iPhone 4?

Budget option: The Orange City phone is one among the highest smartphones you’ll be able to acquire, and at around £90 it will do just about everything a £400 sensible phone will do, albeit a little slower! The phone comes with a three megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 3G, Android and a spread of Orange maps but it lacks a number of advanced options like GPS. It’s a nice alternative for those that need a phone to browse the internet.


Mid-range: BlackBerry may not have had a good year, however the variety of phones from RIM still provides a number of good alternatives for a good value, and also the BlackBerry keyboard still remains the most effective method for those that will use their phone primarily for online communication. The tiny screen compared to different smartphones makes browsing the net less pleasant, however this does not stop the BlackBerry daring 9780 from being one among the foremost versatile and well-built smartphones on the market and a nice example of what BlackBerry will do.

High-range options: The HTC Desire is one of the most spectacular phones from the developer so far. It’s one among the foremost technically spectacular phones till now, however its options extend on the far side merely being quick. Full multitouch capability, seven home screens, Android 2.2 and a stunning OLED screen makes the phone a joy to use. It’s in no way low-cost, however it offers a different experience that is extremely different. The layout is very similar to that of the iPhone, however the beauty of this smartphone is that it works, the great capabilities of multitasking show that Android can compete with the iPhone OS in the proper device. For those that desire an even bigger screen, there is a rather pricy HD version of the phone.

There are little options too choose from if you want to stray away from Apple and try a different brand. You can find a lot of nice smartphones on the market and a heap of poorly made ones, that’s why you should always read about your product on review sites to not end up with a cheap device on a lengthy contract.



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