What makes a smartphone?

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What makes a smartphone ? There’s no denying today that mobile phones are developing in technology, features, usability and performance. This advancement in transportable handsets is creates an advanced breed of phones to be put on the market, these leading edge multi-taskers are usually called smartphones. There’s no universal rule for handsets to be classified in this elite class, however the underlying principle behind a smartphone is that it offers the practicality and features of a personal computer rather than a mobile phone.

What makes a smartphone?
New Iphone 6 usa designThe origin of the smartphone can be traced back as early as 1992 to IBM’s phone. Unbelievably for a mobile of its time, Simon featured a beautiful calendar, game, support for email and fax capabilities . Even though the phone would be classified as an entry-level device in the present day, eighteen years ago the technology was way more advanced than any competitors could possibly offer. From 1996 the smartphone market was already established with the Nokia Soul line, that consisted of models that could be carried with ease and had a personal organizer feature. Since the release of the Soul series some new manufacturers started to enter the market.
The smartphone badge is time subjective because, when you think of it, a phone that could only support email communication wouldn’t even be considered a smartphone in the 21st century but it did offer a base to start and improve on. Nowadays a smartphone can’t be seen without VGA connectors, inbuilt keyboard and Wi-Fi.
The definition of a smartphone is broader than just a phone that can offer the latest technological advances. Within the realm of developers, for instance, it refers to phones that run a whole package.
Due to the absence of any solid rule that formally makes a phone a smartphone, the term, like several others, is most generally used as a marketing device to promote technological advanced phones. As a results of this, one’s opinion of what a smartphone is mustn’t be based strictly on a specific device, it’s more of a subjective term nowadays.
In short, the term ‘smartphone’ has a lot of totally different definitions and in the end will mean nothing to the client, all it matters is the device and how it performs.

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