What users complain about the most, Samsung Galaxy S3 problems

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Common problems & Fix

Have you encountered any issues with Samsung’s flagship android smartphone? we have a tendency to take a glance at a number of the foremost vexing  Samsung Galaxy S3 problems and see if we are able to realize solutions or workarounds for you.

Beautiful galaxy s3

Beautiful galaxy s3

Some folks felt it had been too huge, however the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been mercantilism steady since it 1st hit the market back in might. Samsung sold  twenty million Galaxy S3 handsets in its 1st a hundred days and it’s become the child for Google’s humanoid software system. many months down the road, the Galaxy S3 continues to surpass expectations in terms of sales, however no device is unflawed.

Let’s take a more in-depth consider a number of the most important Samsung Galaxy S3 issues. These are the foremost unremarkably seen complaints from folks round the world, and in every case we’ll attempt to offer a helpful workaround or resolution.

galaxy s3 battery drain

galaxy s3 battery drain


Beautiful galaxy s3 Battery drain

Problem: unsatisfying battery life is that the mythical being heel of all smartphones, however some folks have encountered a shocking battery drain on the Galaxy S3, even once the phone isn’t in use.

The international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 contains a flaw. The battery drain on standby issue is difficult by a mistake within the power profile that shows Cell standby ingestion lots a lot of power than it really is. This doesn’t account for the drain it simply implies that the stats are wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Some folks with the U.S. associate degreed international versions have additionally reportable an actual excessive battery drain on the Samsung Galaxy S3 once in standby. Having apps running within the background and options like Wi-Fi, mobile knowledge, Bluetooth, and push email turned on is clearly about to have an effect. If your Galaxy S3 is exhausting quick once not in use, then it will be tough to search out the wrongdoer. It might be down your carrier or that you simply get poor service in your home; it might be Chrome; it might be email or LTE. as luck would have it there ar some solutions you\’ll be able to strive.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Solutions: If you have got Chrome put in, hearth it up and select Settings > Developer tools then uncheck modify Tilt Scrolling.

Some folks have reportable immense battery savings by turning off LTE in Settings > a lot of settings > Mobile networks > Network mode. There’s an idea  if you don’t have LTE in your space, the battery drains quicker as a result of the phone keeps finding out it. Having Wi-Fi turned on all the time will really facilitate as a result of it uses lots less power than connecting to a mobile network, however you have got to be in vary of a Wi-Fi network or the rummage around for a association can have an analogous exhausting impact.

Some folks believe that Samsung’s preinstalled apps might eat lots of battery life notwithstanding you’re not exploitation them. Some users reportable success when disabling their Samsung account and varied Samsung apps. move to Settings > Applications manager and select the All tab then disable Samsung Account, Samsung Apps, Samsung Backup, Samsung Cloud knowledge Relay at the side of anything on the list you don’t use. The disabled apps drop to the lowest of the All list therefore you’ll be able to continuously modify them once more if you encounter any issues.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Audio and mike problems

Problem: It’s tough to possess a phone oral communication once the opposite person can’t hear you clearly otherwise you can’t hear them. Some early adopters reportable problems with the Samsung Galaxy S3 mike and located that signal strength was dropping now when calls. The telephone set operate hasn’t worked swimmingly for a few and a whole loss of audio has been reportable in extreme cases. A microcode update was unrolled to mend this, therefore you shouldn’t be experiencing these problems any longer. If you are, then it’s going to be all the way down to a blockage, a setting, or perhaps the noise reduction feature.

Solutions: Restarting the phone ought to quickly resolve the difficulty, however that’s clearly not ideal therefore let’s attempt to notice a permanent fix. move to Settings > Accessibility and confirm put off all sounds isn’t checked to start with. currently move to Settings > Sound and confirm your volume levels ar correct and sound is turned on.

Hit Phone > Menu > decision settings > extra settings then uncheck Noise reduction. Some folks have reportable less echo and clearer calls with this turned off.

Take a glance at the mike hole on the lowest fringe of your Galaxy S3. If it’s like there’s one thing stuck in there then that would be your issue. Be terribly careful once cleansing this. strive compressed gas to blow it out 1st.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Overheating

Problem: several users have reportable issues with their Galaxy S3 warming and generally even temperature reduction or fucking as a result. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is incredibly skinny with a giant screen, a giant battery, and a robust set of internal elements, that the a lot of you utilize it, the warmer it’ll get. This typically solely rears its head as a difficulty when prolonged diversion or if you are doing one thing else that’s diagrammatically intensive. If your Galaxy S3 is obtaining extremely popular and fucking while not intensive use, then you may have a hardware drawback.

Solution: the plain resolution is to require an opportunity for a number of minutes and let the phone quiet down. If you’ve been running one thing for hours, then it’ll inevitably heat up. If it’s heating au courant standby or with low levels of usage, then you must contact the vendor or carrier and check if the hardware is faulty. you must be ready to get a replacement telephone set if they ensure the matter.

Overheating Wi-Fi dropping or not detection

Problem: ar you having hassle connecting to Wi-Fi networks? perhaps your S3 is connecting fine, then again dropping the association later? There are many reports of hard Wi-Fi and for a few folks this is often a wider humanoid issue, whereas for others it might be associated with the router. Fear not, there ar some belongings you will don your S3.

Solution: flip your phone off then back on. The mantra of the IT skilled will work, however it’s clearly not a permanent fix. you must additionally move to Settings > Wi-Fi and hit the menu button once more to decide on Advanced and confirm that Keep Wi-Fi on throughout sleep is about to continuously. the majority with this issue ar reportage that associate degree over-the-air update mounted it, therefore if you’re still having issues it’s doubtless to try and do along with your router. you may strive associate degree app like wireless fidelity analyser and see if you’ll be able to establish the matter.

Overheating Lag

galaxy s3 Lag

galaxy s3 Lag

Problem: after you get a powerhouse just like the Samsung Galaxy S3 you don’t expect any lag after you ar navigating around. If you’re experiencing a small delay after you hit the house button or after you exit associate degree app then it’d be all the way down to your settings. you must avoid exploitation task killer apps and boot your phone fairly often to clear memory.

Solution: bear down on the notifications bar at the highest and cut Power saving. It’s a helpful feature for saving power, however it will introduce some slight lag. If your drawback is expounded to the house button, then S-Voice could be the wrongdoer. Samsung Galaxy S3 has it established so a double faucet on the house button launches S-Voice, which might cause lag after you press the house button. to urge obviate it merely double faucet the house button to launch S-Voice and hit menu to access Settings then uncheck Open via the house key.

The animations slow things down therefore you’ll be able to continuously move into Settings > Developer choices and alter Window animation scale and Transition animation scale to .5x or perhaps off.

Vibrating to music or audio

Problem: If you discover that your Samsung Galaxy S3 is vibratory after you play music or after you use specific audio apps then you’ll well marvel why. fortunately it’s a simple fix.

Solution: ensure Settings > Sound and ensure auto haptic is toggled off.

Copy and paste isn’t operating Overheating

Problem: There are quite an few reports of issues with the copy paste feature on the S3. Some folks ar repeating then finding they need no choice to paste et al. ar experiencing crashes once they attempt to paste derived text.

Solution: The solutions for this one aren’t ideal. you will be able to reset the phone otherwise you can root the device and clear the information from your writing board. Sadly there’s no guarantee that the matter won’t come back if you works reset. Samsung Galaxy S3 is certainly responsive to this issue, however it’s not come back up with a fix however.

Smart keep doesn’t work

galaxy-s3 Smart stay doesn’t work

galaxy s3 Smart stay doesn’t work

Problem: The sensible keep feature is meant to make sure that the screen doesn’t put off after you ar watching it. You’ll notice it in Settings > show and you’ll be able to tick to show it on. You’ll see a watch icon appear within the notification bar sometimes and therefore the Samsung Galaxy S3 can use the front-facing camera to see that you’re still watching the screen. If you’re watching the screen, it stays on, if you aren’t then it dims and turns off. however typically it checks depends on your Screen timeout setting. lots of individuals notice that this feature doesn’t work for them in the least.

Solution: Your face has got to be lit that the camera will see it. If you’re within the dark or in shadow it merely won’t observe you and therefore the screen can put off. This feature is neat, however it doesn’t work well however.

Workaround: amendment your Screen timeout so it doesn’t put off therefore quickly.

More S3 issues

If you’re irritated by unwanted notifications, then explore our orientate the way to put off android notifications. If you’re disgusted looking forward to the android four.1 (Jelly Bean) update, then confer with your carrier. the bulk can push it out over the air, however some need you to physically connect your phone to your laptop.

There are varied alternative very little Samsung Galaxy S3 problems and annoyances you may come upon as you utilize the phone therefore please post a comment to share problems and any fixes you recognize of Samsung Galaxy S3.

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