Will Apple and Samsung ever stop fighting?

| May 5, 2014

The legal battles continueApple sues Samsung again

Apple managed to won $119 million in a lawsuit claiming that Samsung infringed three of its patents. A.U.S. District Court jury in San Jose, Calif, found that some Samsung devices copied some of Apple’s patents for “quick links”, a feature that dials a phone number included in an e-mail, and the famous “slide to unlock” patent for accessing your device. The jury will reconvene on Monday to determine if Samsung did or did not infringed Apple’s “auto-complete” patent, it offers suggestions about how to change or complete a word during typing.

Even if the court decides on a ban this won’t affect Samsung very much. The devices that were found “guilty” of stealing these patents don’t make up a huge amount of the company’s profit.

Will they ever stop?

John Fletcher, senior analyst at SNL Kagan, told USAToday that “The grudge match will continue.”

One reason for this anger is due to Samsung’s belief that Apple is trying to hurt Google’s Android operating system, even though Google isn’t even part of the case, through Samsung. Over 70% of smartphones run on Android, an operating system that Google has given for free to Samsung and other manufacturers. But the longer these two argue the more it could hurt their products. Apple and Samsung controlled the smartphone market two years ago. Samsung is now putting all of its hope in its newest devices, the Galaxy S4 and S5, that weren’t on trial to help it keep its leading status.

According to data released by a research firm, Samsung has already sold 85 million smartphones in the first quarter, more than the combined total of its next four competitors, including Apple.

There’s no sign that the lawsuits will end soon. Both sides are expected to appeal to the highest courts in the US over the next few years, some of those appeals can go as high as the US Supreme Court. Two-thirds of Apple’s sales are from the iPhone and iPad and Samsung is now the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, making it Apple’s chief competitor.

Neither of these two companies will stop fighting until one knocks the other one out. But, regardless of these petty legal fights, the real smartphone war is not fought in the courtroom, but in the consumer market. Apple can win as many cases as it wants but the territory that Samsung and Android has cemented will still remain there, giving them a huge advantage in sales over Apple regardless of any lawsuit.

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