Windows Phone 8 from Vodafone

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Vodafone will start to sell Windows Phone 8, from the 6th of February

Windows Phone 8S by HTC

It’s taken a lot, considering that the package was launched in October last year, however Vodafone is finally able to offer 5 of the Windows Phone 8 handsets presently on the market.

Starting from the 6th of February, you’ll be able to purchase the Nokia Lumia 620, Nokia Lumia 820 , Nokia Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8X by HTC, and also the Windows Phone 8S by HTC. The network is constantly saying that it might support Microsoft’s OS, however never gave a firm date on the availability, now it has.

The only major WP8 phone not being listed by Vodafone nowadays is the Samsung Ativ S. A release date for the Samsung smartphone is however to be disclosed. Originally expected in november, then next month, it looks that an early release in 2013 seems plausible. Several phone retailers list it in their ranges, however as an “unavailable” product.

Vodafone will not be concerned because it offers a healthy line-up of multicolored handsets spanning all value points to be offered from its launch. It hasn’t given a reason why it’s behind some competitors in promoting some of the Windows Phone 8 devices, however Vodafone has stated that it’s “been operating day and night to induce the new breed of Windows Phone devices through our network tests unscathed”.


Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 920

Windows Phone 8S by HTC


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