Windows Smartphone 8 Review

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Windows Smartphone 8 is here and so is our Review.

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review


Windows Smartphone 8indows Phone eight is here, and whereas it’ll be accessible solely on new hardware, instead of rolling bent on previous models just like the Nokia Lumia 800, it’s price covering thoroughly what’s new and improved and what is not and ultimately whether or not or not it’s price choosing the Microsoft OS.

New begin Screen Windows Smartphone 8

The key focus ofWindows Smartphone 8has forever been the beginning screen with its bevy of home tiles that jostle and jive per the data they pull in. wherever once this viewpoint was alien and strange, with the introduction of Windows Smartphone 8, and a few significant promoting from Microsoft and Nokia over the past six months, everything ought to be lots a lot of acquainted.

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

This time around we have even a lot of tiles to fill the beginning screen, with 3 totally different sizes that every deliver differing types of knowledge. If you wish the grid of icons from the iPhone or humanoid, then Windows Smartphone 8 will replicate that with a stack of tiny icons that do nothing. If you discover the jostle is just too a lot of, then its really quite liberating, however it simply does not tell you lots regarding what’s happening.

For those that would like a lot of data, then there is subsequent see. this is often appreciate the Windows Smartphone 8 tiles, and that they provides a very little a lot of data while not going overboard.

Finally, there’s the larger tile, which might provide you with even a lot of visibility into the app. within the case of the e-mail app for instance, you get to ascertain United Nations agency the last email is from, what the topic line is, and also the 1st line of the e-mail.

All these tiles may be organized associate degreed rearranged on the beginning screen providing an endless array of prospects and a begin screen than will adapt and alter with you.

We like it. A lot.


We wanted the folks Hub in Windows Smartphone 8 and it’s even higher in eight. For contacts you may still see single card contact pages that tie along variety of knowledge points from the remainder of your phone, reckoning on what you’re logged in to LinkedIn, Facebook,Twitter, etc.

New to the combo is that the along pane, that homes teams and a brand new feature known as Rooms.

Groups area unit nearly the image of however they were in Windows Phone seven, however, currently you’ll produce and manage teams via your Live account with the phone mechanically propulsion in knowledge from there.

Rooms could be a collected area for you to share a calendar, photos, and notes with others, in spite of what phone they need, though it works higher with WP8 devices, of course.

In follow and Rooms works o.k. permitting you to possess your terribly own non-public social network with a {group|a collection} group of individuals much within the same means apps like Path, or picture sharing parts of iOS (Photostream) work.

You invite folks in then will share notes, messages, calendar appointments and a lot of significantly photos with them. It clearly works best if they’re conjointly on a Windows Smartphone 8 device, however testing it within the workplace with those who weren’t on WP8, however instead associate degree humanoid device or associate degree iPhone there area unit still ways in which you’ll profit.

Sadly there for non WP8 users there’s no cluster chat for anyone aside from those on a Windows Smartphone 8 smartphone. but calendars work then do shared photos as long as they need SkyDrive put in on their device. Photos area unit mechanically else and synced across all of your Skydrive apps in everyone’s SkyDrive folder. one thing price bearing in mind is what data is mechanically uploaded to the cluster.

Something that’s price noting but is that if you’re friends with any of the members on Facebook you may instantly be able to see all their Facebook photos additionally. It’s one thing that Windows Smartphone 8 will o.k., but one thing that once sharing an area, you would possibly not bear in mind of.

OneNote Mobile

In Windows Smartphone 8, Microsoft has emotional the OneNote Mobile app from the workplace Hub to a fanatical app on the beginning screen, creating it easier to jot notes while not having to make a Word document. OneNote saves to SkyDrive mechanically, thus your notes can forever be synchronized across your phone and computer.


Email in WP8 gets some new options too, all to its profit. like iOS and humanoid, you’ll currently dictate your emails to your phone. during a series of tests we tend to were affected with the results, though it does not grasp right on every occasion, however it absolutely was simply correct enough to form it price victimization, over the inherent keyboard. we tend to found it worked well in howling environments too, that is crucial.

Other new tricks in Windows Smartphone 8 embody the power to stay the dark theme, though this does not reach the particular email itself, simply the inbox. It s slightly detail however one that we tend to area unit positive can please those that needed it from WP7.

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

Attachments currently conjointly mechanically show up within the workplace hub. Useful, particularly for business users United Nations agency would possibly get sent lots of workplace documents they later have to be compelled to see in one place.

One drawback we’ve got toughened but is that the e-mail app typically fully garbles our emails to different devices. Its annoying and that we try to induce to the lowest of why it will this, however it’s price bearing in mind.

Kids Corner

Kids Corner is that the idea that permits you to provide your youngsters your phone while not the fear that they’re posting bunk to your Twitter or Facebook accounts, or causation your boss emails career them a “poo poo head”.

It’s easy very. You access it by swiping left on the lock screen. This opens your phone, within the traditional means, however solely to apps you have chosen – and solely those you have allowed. which means no email access, no phone dialler, and solely games – if that is what you, and your youngsters, want.

In principle it’s an excellent plan, and it works even as you’d expect, keeping your phone safe, however permitting your youngsters to play games, hear music or do stuff that’s safe for them.


Skype for WP7 was hampered, at best, with the app unable to run within the background. Here the other is that the case, and Microsoft is promising deep integration with WP8. Sadly Skype wasn’t accessible on the Windows Smartphone 8 telephone we tend to used for our testing. As Microsoft launched WP8, Skype conjointly told North American nation that its app are accessible terribly before long.

Those new options embody associate degree expertise that’s inbuilt at the core of the WP8 OS instead of one thing superficial sitting on prime, as was the case in Windows Smartphone 8. Promising restricted battery drain, the new app permits you to receive chats and notifications for voice and video calls though you have navigated away to a different app or have your phone on lock.

We’ve started out to bring Skype to Windows Smartphone 8 with a clean, stunning and trendy interface. once you 1st open the app, your most up-to-date conversations and chats area unit the primary factor you will see. From there, you’ll pan over to your contact list or the fresh else Favourites screen or see your entire contact list.

Additionally you may currently be able to see what is going on on within Skype while not being within the app and Skype notifications may be else to the lock screen to look aboard lost calls, uninformed emails and text messages. you’ll conjointly see Skype notifications at the highest of the screen once you are in different apps, thus maintaining with the oral communication has ne’er been easier.

As with the opposite area unitas that are still being completed, we\’ll update this review once it becomes accessible.


Apple has record and Windows Smartphone 8 has billfold. it is a new space that may permit you to access deals, store tickets, and purchase things either via the net or victimization the NFC chip embedded within the phone – each the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 are NFC prepared.

At the instant, this space on WP8 is unbelievably empty, with no apps taking advantage of the new feature. However, like record on iOS six, the feature has lots of potential, maybe even a lot of thus due to the inclusion of NFC.


Rather than have a stack of various camera apps dotted on various begin screens for you to undertake to search out once an honest social occasion presents itself, theWindows Smartphone 8 approach is to possess them in one place, which place is at intervals the camera app itself. This makes lots of sense.

To use a lens, you hit a fanatical button within the camera app and it brings up attainable Lenses for you to implement. It suggests that you’ve got only one destination for taking photos. Bing Vision is gift by default, and it is a QR, barcode and Microsoft Tag scanner that may allow you to get the most effective value for CDs, DVDs and Books. however we’ve conjointly tried others like picture Strip, that may take many footage during a row, as if you were during a passport picture booth.

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

Sadly there’s no Panorama mode as commonplace, however Nokia has already else a Panorama lens for its customers – HTC has however to try to to a similar at the time of writing. you furthermore mght get lots of choices for sharing footage once you have taken them, thus obtaining photos off your phone is not about to be a difficulty.


Although WP8 is not only accessible on Nokia devices, all Windows Smartphone 8 users can get Nokia Maps as commonplace, and Nokia Drive if the manufacturer needs to supply it – we will not suppose why they would not. this offers you the power to transfer country maps before you get there – terribly handy if you’re move, and wish to avoid knowledge prices. it is also dead handy if you are on the Tube, and wish to search out a pleasant place to possess lunch. you will not wander off, such as you do with a particular “other” phone.

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

Lock screen

Windows Smartphone 8 is all regarding glancing at data as quickly as you\’ll, and here Microsoft has worked to enhance the lock screen expertise. Now, instead of simply having the ability to select your own image to show, you\’ll have the Bing homepage image a day to provide you one thing totally different to seem at once you pull your phone out of your pocket. It\’s a concept Pocket-lint place to Microsoft it slow agone, thus we tend to area unit about to take full credit .

It’s a feature that extends to different apps additionally, and also the new Facebook app permits you furthermore mght to possess your Facebook pictures mechanically and arbitrarily chosen for the Lock screen. smart and dangerous in equal live.

But it’s not almost about creating it look pretty. just like the email tile, the Lock screen also can read your last email and show that information on the screen, and on the far side lost calls, messages, and email, you’ll conjointly prefer a fifth app notifications to look on the Lock screen too.
New colors and screenshots

A simple factor, however we tend to just like the new color palette’s introduced, giving a bigger color vary for your tiles. unhappy we all know, however having the power to color your phone interface mauve is absolutely vital to some folks.

Yep, you scan the headline properly, you’ll finally take screenshots from Windows Smartphone 8 and have them mechanically saved to SkyDrive.


If you own associate degree Xbox 360 one in all the exciting new options is SmartGlass. It permits you to share things from your phone straight to your games console, together with sites, further content from games, and once it involves movies, further data regarding the forged, and what that factor was known as that they were in before, that you just cannot bear in mind the name of. It ought to save lots of relationships.

There area unit problems with SmartGlass, principally that, in browser mode, you’re victimization the screen as a trackpad however it’s vertical, instead of landscape – thus it does not match your TV. mix that with associate degree sensitive management mechanism, and it is not ideal. you may conjointly would like the Xbox 360 and your phone to get on a similar network in fact.

IE 10

We found this restructure of the mobile i.e. quick and straightforward to use. It offers many new options, together with the power to share links via NFC and also to Xbox 360.

As before it’s hardware accelerated, that the quicker the phone the higher the performance. Microsoft has conjointly else bigger support for warning you once you area unit on the point of attend a dubious web site.

What’s still missing?

While the backup and restore choices are improved, the OS continues to be incapable of simply reinstalling your apps on your device within the same means that humanoid and iOS do. and that we still believe the keyboard can be higher in managing mis-typed characters – Swiftkey on humanoid and also the iPhone has spoilt North American nation on this one.

We’d conjointly like to be able to reject a decision with a text message – one thing you’ll do on just about each different platform.

The apps drawback

Windows Smartphone 8 brings with it a special screen resolution, which suggests that all third-party apps can have to be compelled to be re-submitted to get rid of a skinny black bar at the highest of the screen. it is a drawback that affected Apple with the launch of the iPhone five and it’s apparent here too. we tend to suspect it’ll take longer for this to induce sorted on WP8, however we’re happy for app developers to prove North American nation wrong.

Verdict Windows Smartphone 8

As a standalone mobile OS, Windows Smartphone 8 offers some cracking options and a few nice usability, and is hampered solely by the hardware accessible to run it on.

For Gamers, computer and workplace users and people United Nations agency wish easy phones, there area unit lots of options that outshine humanoid and also the iPhone.

It’s a diamond within the rough, however like all greats it’s associate degree weak spot, associate degree urge for app developers to style apps for it 1st instead of third. Sadly, that may ne’er be a priority for developers whereas the platform is insulant behind in users.

But, till that happens, regardless of however smart the core OS is, several will not even provides it a glancing look. it is a Catch twenty two state of affairs, however we actually hope it manages to interrupt the shackles of this contradiction in terms, and become the OS it’s capable of being.

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windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review

windows smartphone 8-mobile review


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