Z10 SwiftKey Tilt feature

| April 11, 2013

SwiftKey will never stop innovating its amazing smart keyboard and it really pushed a brand new barrier with SwiftKey Tilt. It Expands on strategies of text input on your android device, SwiftKey Tilt opperattes by finger swiping introduced with SwiftKey 4’s Flow feature and takes the entire body level to a new level. SwiftKey Tilt works with a ball on to the keyboard and using SwiftKey’s predictive engine and a mixture of device movements, words can fall on to the screen like never before because the device moves.

SwiftKey Tilt features

“We continuously feel when writing it is concerning however you express yourself,” said Dr ben Medlock, SwiftKey co-founder and CTO.

swiftkey tilt full body entry

swiftkey tilt full body entry

swiftkey tilt full body entry

swiftkey tilt full body entry

“We complete that we’ve never really targeted on creating that potential through physical movement. With the new SwiftKey Tilt technology we have changed all that. By moving your whole body to manage the small pink ball, users will currently be a lot of communicative  when they type.”
SwiftKey has confirmed that Tilt is compatible with the Harlem Shake, though it didn’t specify what the resultant text would be.

SwiftKey Tilt Conclusion

SwiftKey Tilt is truly real and functional  try the type tilt onto your keyboard and press and hold it, and you will get the choice to show on the feature for real. it is a sensible as useless, we have to mention, however it’s there if you wish to use it.

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